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My Totally Random Life offers several different services:

Sponsored Posts
Sponsored Giveaways
Sponsored Reviews
Sponsored Events (house parties)
Sponsored Social Media Advertising over Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram

Please email me at jennifer @ mytotallyrandomlife(dot)com if you are interested in collaborating with My Totally Random Life.

  • Product Review - Free -  This option is only available if the product or service is provided to My Totally Random Life for free. This may be any type of product or service. I will write an honest review of the product/service. I will include photos of the product in use (if applicable). The post will also include two links - one to company website and one to social media page (if provided). Please contact me in advance to inquire and make sure I’m interested and/or your product is a fit.
  • Product Review and Giveaway - $15- This option, as before, is only available to those who send My Totally Random Life the product to review and post on my blog. The company/brand must also provide product/service to winner(s) free of charge. An honest review will be provided, as well as photos of the product(s) in use (if applicable). Two links will be included, one to the website and one to the brands social media page. The company can ship the item to the winner after the giveaway is over. The $15 charge is for my time creating, moderating and promoting the giveaway.
  • Guest Post $20 - I will accept guests posts on my blog. The post must be written by you and should be relevant to my blog/readers (any HTML must be provided). The post can include up to three (3) back links. Please include relevant photos that are free to use (use your own or own the copyright to the photo). The content must be relevant to my blog, and will be reviewed by Jennifer Tyree of My Totally Random Life prior to payment/posting. All links will be no-follow and will be disclosed as monetarily compensated as per Google/FTC guidelines. Post should be under 500 words. There will be a charge of $5 per every additional 50 words. Post should be sent for approval, then an invoice will be sent to you before the post goes live.
  • Sponsored Post $30 -  Written by Jennifer Tyree of My Totally Random Life, with up to two (2) backlinks. The content I write about must be relevant to the blog or to my readers lives. Post will be between 200 and 400 words. All links will be no-follow, and the post will have disclosure that I was monetarily compensated to comply with Google/FTC guidelines.
  • Sponsored Events - With this option, My Totally Random Life will sponsor a house party, mommy party, or party for children at my home. I will include photos, social media posts, and a blog post (or series of posts if necessary).
Brand must provide:

-Products for party (what you want featured)
-Decorations if desired (themed or matching the party items)
-Promotional materials (items to give to guests to take home - coupons, info, etc)
-Money or gift card to cover food/drinks
-Anything necessary to have this party.
    The items required will vary for each brand. I ask that you contact me via email to discuss what all would be needed, as well as any associated costs. Prices will vary, please contact me in advance.

    • Social Media Advertising - Your Price May Vary - This is for those who simply want me to advertise on my social media pages their products/links. This does not require you to send me products, simply the links and/or what you would like me to advertise.
    The price for this will vary based on what you want/need, and how often you would like me to send out/post. Please email me for more information/prices.

    I accept payment via PayPal. Please contact me in advance. 
    You pay the fees, or you can add 10% to the cost to cover those fees.

    Review and Giveaway Policies.

    • Full sized products are preferred. They will not be returned to you, nor will they be shared (unless you expressed that sharing is OK and provided products to share).
    • Reviews will be promoted on all social media platforms. Including, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. Others can be included, please contact me first.
    • Reviews will be honest. If the product was damaged during transit, or defective, I will contact you before moving forward.
    • Reviews will generally be posted within 3 weeks of receiving the product, unless otherwise noted/arranged. This is to allow me to use the product daily. It is also to allow for anything that may come up in my personal life.
    • After the post and/or giveaway is live, the company will be provided a direct link to the post and the links to the posts on social media as arranged/agreed upon.


    • Giveaways will be held for a minimum of 5 days. This is to allow enough time for visitors to enter and share the giveaway with others. If the product is high in value, the giveaway will be held for at least two weeks. If you would like to have a giveaway last longer, or fewer days, please contact me in advance to discuss.
    • The sponsor/brand is responsible for shipment of prize to the winner(s). We are not responsible for shipping. The only exception is gift card codes.
    • Giveaway will be promoted on all social media platforms. You are encouraged to share to your fans/followers as well.
    • If you would like your brands social media links included as entries for the giveaway, please provide the links you want.
    • I encourage you to come up with catchy hashtags to use on social media when promoting giveaway. I can use standard #giveaway, #win, etc, but its always fun to have new, catchy hashtags to grab more attention.
    • I ask that you please provide a logo/stock photo of item being given away. I’ll include my own photos in the post (if this is a review and giveaway). Please also email permission to use said logo/stock images.
    • I have the right to turn down any product that I don’t see fit. If it does not fall in line with my blog or my life, then I will not put it on my blog. My readers know that I won’t just spam them with posts that are irrelevant. I’d like to keep it that way.
    • ke to keep it that way.

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