Monday, September 25, 2017

The Best Clothes To Buy Men (Which Will Never Go Out of Fashion)

No matter how much you love a man, it can be troublesome when he dresses in ways that raise your eyebrows. Lots of men dress immaculately when we first meet them, but over time (especially when kids come along) their apparel can take a turn for the worse. While it’s perfectly understandable that men put the needs of their partners and families before their own, they’re really not doing themselves any favors by spending their every moment outside of work in sweatpants and a baggy hoodie. Clothing doesn’t just reflect self-image, it affects it too. So if your man is looking schlubby at home, chances are he’ll be feeling schlubby on the inside.

Here are some fashion essentials that are guaranteed to make any man look good, are impervious to the whims of fashion and won’t break the bank when given as gifts. I’ve chosen clothes that are eclectic and designed to suit men of all shapes and sizes as well as being suitable for work or for home. Thus many can be found at Dickies Life; a workwear retailer that walks the fine line between workwear and leisure wear.

Plain casual shirts

A casual shirt is an essential for any man’s wardrobe. It’s a veritable swiss army knife of a garment allowing him to cut a fine figure in virtually any setting either formal or informal (and anywhere in between). A good casual shirt won’t look out of place taking the kids for a walk in the park or on a night out.

Polo shirts

All men love wearing polo shirts because they’re comfortable with an air of causality but still look a little sharper than the average t-shirt. They can be dressed up or down and they can work with a blazer or sports coat just as easily as they can go with smart pants, jeans or chinos. Whatever your man’s physique, a polo shirt will complement it. It can hang really well on a buff bod but the neat, clean lines are also flattering to the less than gym-conscious.


White dress shirts

Even though a lot of men wear these for work every day a really nice, good quality white dress shirt still makes a great gift. It’s understated and simple yet elegant and virtually impossible for a man to look bad in. They’re as versatile as they are elegant, functioning equally well under a business suit or under a blazer when out for a romantic meal (just make sure he doesn’t order the spaghetti).

Smart blazers

A good blazer can make a good dress shirt look great and elevate anything from a casual shirt to a crew neck classy. By squaring off the shoulders and lending the body some nice clean lines, a good blazer complements any man’s physique too.

A plain crew neck tee

Sure nearly all men have a wardrobe full of these but not all tees are created equal. We’re not talking about oversized and gaudily colored t-shirts or the ones that bear the images of Homer Simpson or Darth Vader, we’re talking subtly colored plain crew necks made of good quality cotton.

With these simple fashionable yet fashion-proof must-haves, any man will be grateful for the gift of looking and feeling great.

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