Thursday, August 31, 2017

Surprises That Every Mommy Wants To Come Home To

Being a woman is hard enough, let alone when you're a Mom too. It's really tough work, and you may feel like you're not getting the credit that you deserve.

There are so many things that need to be done every single day, and you're expected to do it all without complaining. - And you do! Because that's just part of being a Mommy. But wouldn't it be nice to have a surprise once in awhile to get home to? No need to have a birthday coming up - random treats are the best kind.

Here are the simple things that make a full-time Mom happy.

A clean house
Walking into a clean house with no clutter is incredible. You aren't having to step over kiddy toys and biscuit crumbs. There's no melted chocolate stuck down the sides of the sofa. And all the fingerprints have been removed from the tv. Life can't get much better than that...  

Washing done
Whether it be the dishes or the laundry, it can get very tiring after awhile - it almost seems to be a never-ending circle. No matter how much you wash up, the next time you visit the kitchen, there's more plates and glasses stacked up. The same goes for the laundry - you'll just finish hanging up all the clothes on the line, only to return to find a new batch of dirty clothes in the basket!

Dinner made
Although cooking can be a nice, therapeutic experience, when you're having to cook for a houseful of screaming kids, it tends to knock off the advantages a little. Just imagine getting home to a quiet setting, welcomed with a table full of grub, and your kids munching away happily.

Fresh flowers
The effects of having a flower delivery service bring you a stunning bouquet of fresh flowers goes way deeper than you may have imagined. They don't just look and smell pretty - the visual aspect triggers chemicals in your brain which will make you feel calm and euphoric. They also help to purify the air and balance out the humidity too.

I mean... You're a woman, right? You can't have ‘too many’ shoes. At least one pair every day. We need choices!
The actual process of buying shoes can be so exciting for women that it manages to put them into a state of bliss which can last for the whole day. It starts when you know you're heading to the store, and it usually ends right up until you go to bed. Retail therapy really is a thing!

Sometimes you just need a break. You need a time out to sit and think about absolutely nothing. It's not all about diamonds and pearls; it's about the little things that make such a difference, like knowing the ironing has already been done so you can have an extra 30 minutes on the sofa watching tv before you need to go to bed.

It’s okay to tap out every now and again, all superheroes need a good night's sleep otherwise they'll just be running on empty!

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