Saturday, August 19, 2017

Save Your Pennies By Buying Personal Presents


Need to buy someone a birthday gift, but strapped for cash? This shouldn’t be a reason to resort to cheap meaningless gifts like socks and toiletries. Personal gifts can often be more appreciative than something expensive whilst costing very little. Here are just a few gift ideas for those on a budget.


If you have the skills, the ultimate personal gift may be to make something yourself. This could be anything from custom jewelry to hand-stitched clothing to your own home-brewed beer. A custom gift takes time to make and the receiver will appreciate the efforts you went to. A custom gift is also unique – in this case, a pair of homemade socks could be a good present as they’ll be unlike any other pair of socks out there.

Be sweet

Chocolates and sugary snacks are always a good gift for someone with a sweet tooth. You could buy a selection box from the shelf or you could try something a little more personalized such as a unique chocolate display from a company like Chocogram. You may also be able to theme sweets around someone’s hobbies or interests. Search online for football-themed chocolates or guitar sweets and you’re sure to find something.


Share good memories

If you and the person you’re buying a gift for share special memories, why not theme your present around those memories? The cheapest and most effective way to do this is through photographs. Rather than buying a single framed photograph, consider using a service such as PhotoBox to make your own digital collage or buy an album and fill it with snaps. You can use images to make custom birthday and Christmas cards.

Play on private jokes

A gift based on a private joke could be a cheap and meaningful gift option. Try not to make this about a personal weakness of theirs that they could take offense to, but rather a funny experience you both shared or something funny you discussed. The gift might even be funnier if it’s something they’re likely to have forgotten such as gift you both laughed about in a shop.


Sports game tickets or a musical instrument or a new car may be too expensive. However, there could be cheap gift ideas out there related to these hobbies such as a sports team scarf for going to games or a customised guitar plectrum or a keyring of their favorite car. This accessory will still relate to their interests and have a practical use while costing little. The more personal you can make this gift, the better. By searching online, you may be able to find a gift that relates to two of their interests at once such as a rugby-themed beer tankard or a cat-themed guitar strap.

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