Friday, April 28, 2017

Planning big pieces for your household

When it comes to interior design, it is sometimes hard to decide where you want to start from. It seems as if every little thing may have an effect on your décor and as such, requires special attention. 

No matter what you decide, it is always better to focus on bigger pieces. After that, it is easy to build around them adding smaller trinkets and memorabilia. 

This is precisely why we wrote this article. Instead of losing time on things that do not actually matter, it is much easier to plan ahead, decide on general theme, get bigger furniture such as sectional and build from there.

Here are some bigger pieces you need to focus on when planning your interior.

1. Sectional

Sectional is always the best place to start from. 

Necessary for every home, they represent the heart of the living room. Throughout the decades, families would gather around it, watch TV or do something as equally interesting. 

Truth be told, over the years it has lost its value but still, in terms of décor, it remains the most important part of the house.

You need to adapt your sectional according to your plans and how many people you like to have in your home. It is always better to get a bigger piece (for 6 people) but smaller sectional can also work. Generally speaking, the color of this item will impact all the other colors in the room so choose wisely!

2. Cupboard

It is normal for a living room to have a cupboard. In fact, they allow living rooms to become warmer, more social mostly due to the fact that homeowners tend to place their trinkets and memorabilia inside or around it.

As such, it is definitely something that can warm up the room. Have in mind that cupboard are more common for classic, old-fashioned rooms. They are not the best fit for modern homes but if you still decide to get one, make sure to get something that will complement rest of the interior.

3. Mirrors

The biggest issue with pictures is that they usually feel very cheap. This doesn’t come as a surprise as in most cases, people do not have expensive pieces of art in their living room. Instead, they opt for something cheaper running their interior in the process.

If you cannot afford famous painter on your walls, it is much better to improvise and go for a mirror.

Mirrors are very elegant and are excellent fit for modern homes. You can even use something such as Hollywood mirror (visit and make sure to check their collection of mirrors with lights) if you decide so. Have in mind that in this case, their functional value is mostly disregarded. This means that you can put mirrors high on the wall or attach them to your ceiling. Whatever you see fit.

4. Tech items

We are very spoiled when it comes to technology. We are constantly looking for better, more advanced systems whether we are talking about TVs, PCs or audio.

Although this isn’t something I recommend lightly, investing into big audio system or big screen TV can go a long way. Here, it is more about functionality. As modern generations prefer not to decorate their living rooms with too many trinkets, this leaves a lot of empty space; space where you can put bigger items.

So, next time if you wish to make your living room even more impressive, consider getting a bigger TV or stereo.


It always comes down to several big pieces. In fact, decoration of the living room continues for years and years and we constantly have something to add. By getting the main items, you are making sure you have the necessary basis upon which you can build the rest.

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