Monday, March 6, 2017

Happy Heart: Omega 3 Recipes You Will Love

When people say they love food it always sounds a little funny.  Who doesn’t love food?! Granted some may have more refined tastes than others but even eating a mountain of chocolate is still enjoying food right?

Eating healthy is really important and many of us are enjoying the wrong kinds of food.  Adding pressure to our digestive systems, putting on weight and even damaging our hearts.  So, we have compiled a few quick recipe ideas which will have you eating your way to a happy heart, a healthier digestive system and a fitter, better, leaner body.

For those of us who love a little spice we have the advantage of being able to tweak flavors we may not usually like on their own.  If the idea of getting seafood shipped to your door is completely alien then you are missing out on the best source of Omega 3 there is.  Whilst some fish has a very strong flavor, shellfish tends to be a little more delicate which means it is an excellent base for some spicy delights.  Our suggestion is to try these incredible Crisp Freekeh Crab Cakes.  A really delicious way of getting a solid Omega 3 boost.  

Having children might mean that mealtimes are a little bit of a battle.  If you have children who love vegetables then you are in a rare minority.  Most of us have to be a little bit clever in the way we offer up the veggies.  However, children love to cook and enjoy anything they can dip their fingers into.  So why not get them together and make this tasty guacamole dip to enjoy with nachos? It has the added benefit of being a really awesome color and by adding plenty of fresh lemon juice and maybe a little yogurt to lighten it up, you could be filling the children with lots of healthy fats and setting them off on the right path.   

Another source of Omega 3 is Olive oil.  There are loads of ways to enjoy olive oil, on your salads or drizzled over pasta just before serving.  You can dip fresh chunks of white bread into an olive oil and balsamic dip or, if you want to get a little more olive oil into your life you could have a go at making your own oil spread to replace butter or margarine.  It is really simple, you just pour the oil into a small plastic tub and then store it in the freezer.  It will keep for 10 months before the flavor begins to change and you can add loads of other bits to it to funk it up.  It will spread straight from the tub if you are using it for sandwiches, but you could mix it up with plenty of fresh parsley and garlic then stick it on toast for a quick garlic bread.

Get creative and experiment with all the foods packed with omega 3.  You will be one step closer to having a healthier and happier heart which will see you into a nice, ripe old age!

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