Sunday, March 5, 2017

Don't Tear Your Hair Out, Mom's!

There are a lot of things that doctors don’t tell you about pregnancy. Even the women’s magazines on the supermarket shelves depict happy, smiley women who cradle their bumps with gentleness and poise. Well, it’s not all a picnic. Pregnancy is the most beautiful, natural thing in the world. Except that the hormones ricocheting around your body will make you sick, tired and generally feeling so run down it won’t feel so beautiful! That pregnancy glow? Sweat. It’s sweat from the vomiting and hauling extra weight around in the sunshine. In motherhood, you’re dealing with sleepless nights, tantrums, lack of time: all stressful situations that feel never ending!

One thing that mom’s never think about, is the affect the change in hormones has on hair and skin. Given that our hair and our faces are the things that everyone sees, we often make a big effort on these so we are looking presentable and attractive. That’s no different during pregnancy and motherhood, it just takes a little adjustment. Your ordinary products likely won’t have the same effect as they have all these years because your hormones have shifted. If you’re pregnant, you may be looking at skin breakouts and stretchmarks on the stomach and there are many products on the shelves that can help to lessen the look of these. They’re in our biology so if you are looking for a cure for stretchmarks you won’t find one!
Once a baby is born, everything shifts. All the hormones that have been coursing through your body slow down and you’ll notice some changes. Your hair, which has been at its shiniest and thickest during pregnancy, may begin to fall out. This isn’t anything you’re doing wrong, but during pregnancy hair stops shedding. Seeing as our hair has to shed for at least three months every year to make room for clean, new hair, you’re looking at months of shedding happening in a short space of time. It can be quite traumatic to be mid hair was and be holding clumps of dead hair in your hands, but don’t panic! While your body adjusts to the lack of hormones, there are some things you can do. The first is investing in some real human hair tape in hair extensions. Just because your hair has to do the post-baby shed, doesn’t mean you have to walk around feeling the wind on your scalp. Give yourself a confidence boost while your hair repairs and regrows. The next thing you can do is be kind to your hair. Wash it sparingly and don’t use heated products to dry it. The less damage you inflict, the less it’ll fall out.

Pregnancy and motherhood can put a level of stress on your body you’re not yet accustomed to. It doesn’t mean that you have to panic, you just have to adjust your beauty regimen to accept the changes. Picking up a yoga class or too, to destress from the daily toddler grind is never a bad idea either, somomss, don’t tear your hair out! Relax and enjoy motherhood.

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