Monday, March 6, 2017

Coping With An Ill Child

Kids get ill for all kinds of reasons. Some are far more serious than others, and there are certain things that will suffer if you need to take care of your kid in increasingly larger amounts of time. Luckily, there are ways you can manage this and help the child. Part of it depends on your circumstances, and other parts depend on how ill your child is. There is not clear advice as to what you need to do, only you can decide that. But there are ways you can cope yourself with an ill child. You need to ensure your life goes as you want it to too. Of course, you need to do what is right for the child, but you can quickly find yourself depressed if you do not manage the whole issue with planning and prioritization. Here are some hints and tips you can use to make the situation a little better. You may already do some of them, but you could get some top ideas for you to take into life from others.

Find Out What’s Responsible

You need to find out what is responsible for causing your child to be ill, then you can mitigate it in the future and/or hold whatever did it to account. There are huge amounts of child products that are causing children harm in this day and age. The harm can be fleeting, like a physical injury, but it can also be lasting and life threatening. An example can be seen in the high amount of teething tablet lawsuits that have increased over the last few years. If there is something wrong with your child go to your utmost to realize and understand what it is that has caused it. Only then can you stop it. If there is serious problems take the provider to court so that it doesn’t happen to anyone else and so you can use the money to help in the care for your child going forward. Another key is prevention. There’s one thing suing people for hurting your child, but if you researched the potential risk then you may never have bought it. Check up on everything you buy for your children, make sure they are perfectly safe before using them. Prevention is the best thing you can do.

Work With Their School

They may not actually be able to go to school, it all depends on how ill the individual is and what is wrong with them. It can be tough because you need to find the right school and balance their wants against the needs. This means you may need to send them to a special school against their own will. They may simply want to go to a normal school, but you know that if their needs were better catered for they would be able to make more of their life going forward and be educated in a better way that suits them directly. Come to the decision by seeking help from the teachers. They will know what can be done and how they can help. From this, and of course after speaking to your child you can make the changes you need. They make need to make changes that are out of their remit and cost too much money. You have to face that it isn’t their fault. Other changes can be agreed upon with ease. Perhaps your child needs to sit close to the board because they have bad eyesight, or maybe they can be excused from gym due to the nature of the issue with them. School is a great time for children, and just because your child has an illness it does not mean they still can’t enjoy it just like everyone else.

Get Help

Depending on what's wrong with them you may need help. You could be entitled to a carer, check with your local government and see what your are entitled too. You can also ask friends and family if they don’t mind chipping in from time to time. This way you can still live the life you want but still look after your kid. It enables you to socialise and see your friends. It will be limited of course, but it can be done as long as you do it in moderation. There may be no choice but to have someone with you helping because of the specialist nature of the care required. In these sad circumstances you may need help all the time in a medical capacity.

Work: Make Or Break

It is a tough decision. You may need to leave work and become a full time carer. The difference comes with what you or your partner does. Could you both shave some days off your jobs and share the care? Or if one of you earns significantly more than the other then the lower earner can drop work to look after the child. They are horrible discussions to have and you need to make sure you get it right otherwise you could sow the seeds of discontent. People need to be happy, and most importantly the child. If it is only for a limited period then perhaps you could work something out with your boss on a temporary basis until the child gets better. If permanent however you may want to quit your job. It is a tough decision, though a necessary one.

Changes To The Home

You may need to make changes to your home. Both superficial and structural. For example, if they struggle getting up and down the stairs you may want to move their room to the bottom floor of the house for ease of mobility. These changes can cost money, but their may be government grants available to get you started. They can change your home for the better and make them way more comfortable. THe happier they are, the easier job you have too. You may even need to consider moving home entirely if the situation calls for it.

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