Monday, February 13, 2017

Seriously Alternative Valentine's Gift Ideas

Valentine’s day is coming up, and not everybody wants to do the bog standard flowers and chocolates thing that seems to happen all the time. Sure, it’s still nice, but it can be a little boring. Especially if you’re the kind of couple who like to do things a little differently. If you’re looking for some alternative Valentine’s gift ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Take a look at some of these unique ideas and see if you find anything for your loved one!

An Adventurous Day Out
How about instead of going for that romantic meal, you go on an adventurous day out instead? These days out don’t have to be expensive. In fact, you can usually find many options online for a reasonable price, usually for 2 people. You could go zorbing. Who wouldn’t want to get rolled down a steep hill inside of a big bouncy ball? How about bungee jumping? You can both cling onto one another for dear life with a double bungee jumping experience. That rush of adrenaline is bound to make you feel incredible and help you to bond! You could also go for something just as brave with a skydiving experience, or just take it easy on a couple of Segways, exploring a new city or even the woods. There’s no end to the things you can do!


A Watch Made Out Of Wood
If you want to buy an item of jewelry for your loved one, how about a watch made out of wood? These watches are incredibly beneficial to the environment, and look really cool too! They’re perfect for those who like to make a statement with their style and care about the environment. If they have a watch, there are bound to be other eco-friendly accessories you can purchase for them!

A Weekend or Night Away
A weekend or night away sounds like a standard Valentine’s day present, right? Wrong! You could make this time seriously unique. How about a murder mystery night? You play out the game and have to guess the murdered in a big, spooky house with other guests! You could also spend it escaping zombies, or Tipi camping under the stars with luxury treatment! There’s no need to stay in a boring hotel room!

A Gourmet Seafood Basket
Food is the way to many hearts these days. What sort of food does your loved one like? If they like seafood, this gift could be the absolute best thing ever for them. A seafood basket! You can get it from Citarella, and it isn’t just any old seafood basket. It’s gourmet, meaning they will have plenty of luxury fish foods to enjoy.

Make Something Yourself
Feeling creative? Want to give your loved one a little piece of yourself? Then make something yourself. You can literally make just about anything with the plethora of tutorials online. It could be a simple piece of jewelry, a scrapbook, a picture frame - anything. You will need very few supplies. You can make something according to your budget. It may be more or less expensive than buying a gift, but this will be different, as you have actually spent time and effort on it.

Feel free to spend as much as you like on supplies, and take as much time as you need. Just make sure you give yourself plenty of time so you don’t have to rush your thoughtful gift!


A Personalized Classic Novel
If your loved one loves to read, why not give them a personalized classic novel? They could be the main character of a book they love or a book they haven’t read yet! You could even both have starring roles. This is the perfect gift for a sentimental book worm. You choose; Alice in Wonderland or Wuthering Heights?

The Smitten
If you want to give your loved one a giggle, then you could purchase the smitten. This is basically a mitten for two people to wear at the same time. Perfect for cold weather when you and your other half just can’t bear to let go of one another!

A Poster Full Of Satire
Posters can bring your home, office, or garage to life. Why not treat them to a poster full of satire? It seems just about everybody is talking about 50 shades of gray. Why not buy them a poster, that shows 50 different shades of gray? It should give them a laugh, whether they are a fan of the books/films or completely opposed to them.

A Personalized Puzzle
If your loved one loves brain training and all kinds of different puzzles, you could even treat them to a personalized puzzle. Choose your message and difficulty level and away you go!

A Star
Although your loved one may not be able to physically hold or see the star, they’ll have a certificate with the name you’ve chosen for it. This is a wonderfully thoughtful, sentimental gift that could even make them shed a few tears!

If you want to make this gift look extra pretty, you could even purchase a frame.


A ‘The Things I’d Do For Love’ Book
Want to let your loved one know what you’d do for love? Then buy them a book outlining pretty much everything you’d do! Would you brush a crocodile's teeth? Tell them! This is a cute and funny gift that’s a little more original than giving a bear, flowers, or chocolates.  

Tickets To A Gig
If you and your other half love music, why not get them tickets to a gig? You could both spend Valentine’s day headbanging and bond over incredible guitar solos! If that’s not your thing, maybe you could get tickets to see a comedian. Those who laugh together, stay together!

What do you think of these seriously alternative Valentine’s gift ideas? There’s bound to be something on here your partner will love, whatever their tastes and style! If you have any of your own ideas, leave a comment below. Thanks for reading!

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