Saturday, January 14, 2017

Low Self-Esteem is Dangerous - Tackle It Today.

The statistics on body image are pretty alarming. While it’s difficult to gauge precisely if someone genuinely has low self-esteem, we do seem to be seeing a lot of news and figures that seem to suggest that we’re having something of a crisis of self-esteem.

Someone with low self-esteem has a hard time appreciating themselves. Some people may think that is a fairly trivial problem. But it can lead to a host of larger problems, such as depression and a lack of motivation. Life’s problems just feel much bigger than they actually are.

No magic solution

One of the things that makes self-esteem so hard to get rid of is that it’s so often completely internal. There isn’t really a catch-all solution to dealing with it. What helps one person with their esteem issues may not help someone else. So what’s the solution? Do we have to keep throwing clich├ęd, feel-good phrases at them until they start to feel better? Not exactly. There are actually plenty of practical methods that you can try out to deal with the problem.

Strengths and weaknesses

Hey, what problems in life can’t be helped in some way with a list? While it may sound odd, or even silly, you should try sitting down and writing a list of what you perceive you be your strengths and weaknesses. Some people with self-esteem problems may have a difficult time coming up with “strengths.” Tip: think back to all the times someone ever thanked you for something.

It may not seem that having someone list what they feel to be the negative aspects of themselves would help in any way with their low self-esteem! But one of the problems here is that people are usually pretty vague in their self-criticism. If you’re going to do it, be specific. Then we can start taking action.

Dealing with those “weaknesses”

When you’ve got a list of those weaknesses, it’s time to do some arranging. Because there are bound to be things on that list that you can change - and there will be things on that list that you can’t. It’s important to recognize that you can’t change everything. And what do we do about those aspects? Do we work towards self-acceptance? In time. For now, we work on what we can change.

A lot of people are going to have problems with their looks or weight. Many will try to convince you that you shouldn’t worry about these things. My advice? See a doctor. If there’s something about your body you don’t like, you always have a lot of options. From increased exercise to forms of surgery, you can get help. You can get more information about the latter before deciding on it.

Giving your life a boost

One of the best ways to tackle low self-esteem? Start living in a healthier and more productive way. Yes, that does sound vague. So let’s get down to more practical suggestions.

Exercise has long been known to aid not just in physical health, but also in mental health. Improvement in mood, confidence, and self-esteem can all be achieved with regular exercise. You could also look into learning a new skill, which has been shown to help boost self-esteem. Look into online courses are learn something new in your spare time.

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