Friday, January 13, 2017

Fashionable Tots: Helping Your Kids Find a Sense of Style

When your kids are little, you are in control of what they do. You have to make responsible decisions for them. But as they begin to grow, they start choosing things for themselves. It's still your responsibility to make sure they make sensible choices and sometimes decide things for them. However, you also need to help them nurture their sense of self. One of the things they start to do is pick out their own clothes and develop a sense of style. Helping them to find out how they like to dress and how to put an outfit together will develop their personality and a valuable life skill.

Let Them Choose Their Clothes

For the first couple of years of your child's life, it's your job to choose their clothes. Sometimes you pick the first clean thing you can reach, and sometimes you spend time choosing something cute. But eventually, they can start choosing for themselves. You can begin by offering them options when they get dressed. Don't overwhelm them with their entire wardrobe, however. Give them two or three items to choose from to make things easier. When they start choosing more freely, don't worry too much about things that match. Allow them to explore and discover what they like.

Dress Up for Different Occasions

Giving your kids opportunities to wear different types of clothes helps them to explore what they like. You can show them what sort of clothes they might be expected to wear at different events too. A costume is fun for Halloween, but not so suitable for a wedding. It's fun to look at fancier clothes like Red Hill Couture formal girls wear and dress up for special occasions. Learning how to dress appropriately for different settings is an important part of developing a style. There will be many occasions when they need to decide if an outfit is right for an occasion, from parties to job interviews.

Let Them Watch You Dress

Some children enjoy watching their parents pick out their clothes and put an outfit together. Allowing your child to do this will help them make their own decisions when it's their turn to get dressed. They'll also think more about what they do and don't like by looking at your choice of clothes. It's also a good time to teach them how to express their likes and dislikes politely, without hurting anyone's feelings!

Have a Few Boundaries

Allowing your child the freedom to make choices about their clothes is important. However, most parents have boundaries when it comes to what their children wear. You might see some things as too grown-up, or perhaps just inappropriate for where your child is going. You don't want your daughter to wear her best party dress to the park. So while you should let them explore their tastes, you might want to have some rules about what they wear too.

Helping your child develop a sense of style is a good way to nurture their individuality. It also helps them learn to make choices.

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