Friday, January 20, 2017

3DLightFX: Review

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So the holidays have passed. My kids were super happy with everything. But my daughter was extra happy about receiving the 3DLightFX! I posted about it before Christmas. Mine came just a week before Christmas, and I decided to wait to give it to her. Her face was SO big! She was just extra excited to see this.

So, she received the Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony. It's her favorite show, and now she wants all the ponies. Quite frankly, she'd like all the Paw Patrol, too. LOL.

I'm surprised by it. It turns off after an hour all on its own. Even though the switch is still in "on" position, it doesn't kill the battery life. It's still going strong after a few weeks, and I totally expected the batteries to have needed replacing.

It was pretty easy to "install". My only concern is if we were to move, I don't think I'd be able to take the wall sticker with us. I'd only be able to take the light. The sticker for the wall that goes behind the pony is pretty much a one-and-done. If I try to remove it, it will most likely lose all its "stick". So hopefully the company offers it on the website to purchase on its own. It took 10 minutes probably to get the sticker on the wall, get the screws in the wall and hang it up. My daughter is thrilled and loves to have it on every night.

You can see on the box that it's pretty easy to get set up, and could easily be set up in any room.

Battery section on the back.  You can see the size compared to my hand.

This is the light on her wall (and a My Little Pony poster). The right side is the light on. This was taken during the day, but it isn't much brighter at night (which is a good thing). The light isn't so bright that it affects their sleep. It's just enough.

So you can buy these lights online and in stores.
To visit the official website and see where to buy near you, go to 

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