Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Getting A Little More Heartfelt With Your Gifts, Whatever The Occasion

As you have undoubtedly noticed, I love giving gifts. I think everyone does. But a lot of people have a bit of a problem when giving gifts. They feel like it doesn’t quite have the personal punch they want it to. It might be the perfect choice of gift, but they want it to be a little more heartfelt. To that end, here are a few ways to spruce up a gift on any occasion.

Take the time to leave your personal mark
If you want to convey celebrations, congratulations, a thank you or anything else, then why not get it in writing? Many of us take too few opportunities to really tell people how we feel about them. It’s something we can regret later and putting it in writing, with a bit more detail than a quick ‘love you’ can be a great way to do it. There are plenty of note writing guides out there for those of you who dread having to compose a message out of thin air, too.
Writing isn’t the only language you can use
To get an emotional connection, connecting with them visually can be a fantastic way to do that. A great accompaniment to any gift is the right set of flowers. We’re not talking about simple bouquets you pick up at a gas stop, either. With help from places like Simply Blooms, you can pick out the specific kind to best fit the occasion. A little research on the language of flowers and picking out the appropriate ones can add just that extra touch of special to them, too.

Don’t focus too much on the big gift
If you want to get heartfelt, but you’re having trouble with the actual choice of gift, then consider changing how you think about it altogether. Instead of getting them something big that they’re going to love, hit them with a barrage of lovely little touches. A care package is a gift that’s almost as fun for the unwrapping and discovery as it is to use the little components themselves. They’re popular for college students or loved ones currently under the weather but I think they’re a lovely surprise for any occasion.
Make it personalized
Nowadays, there’s a whole market that caters to that intention of making gifts a little more special and unique. We’re talking about personalized gifts, of course. I’ve looked at a lot of personalized gifts over time, from jewelry to storybooks that include the recipient as a character in them. It can be wonderful for someone to see their own name and likeness immortalized in an inventive gift. Particularly if you’re giving a gift to a child and involving them in some of their favorite stories.

Making that little extra step on a gift really does add to it. It shows them you’re thinking about them and can more accurately convey the feelings you want to send. More often than not, it’s the little touch more than the gift itself that your friends and loved ones will remember.

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