Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Fat Facts: Why You Should Be Cooking With Tallow

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Traditionally, lots of people used to cook food with tallow; fat made from animals such as cows, however with the emergence of vegetable fats, lard and other products its popularity had waned until now. These days, many of us are following alternative lifestyles, prefer to use 100% natural ingredients and like to know what our food contains. Tallow has many health benefits and is making a resurgence in the market as an attractive option to vegetable oils and polyunsaturated fats. These products became well known in the 1970’s and were seen as a healthier, safer choice as opposed to butter. From instructions on how to make your own to commercially available tubs Tallow is easy to find, so there’s never been a better time to discover that not all fat is the enemy.  

Perfect For Those On A Paleo Diet

A follower of the paleo, or paleolithic, diet is someone who prefers to stick to an eating plan that's based on the core principal of eating foods available in the stone age. Also referred to as the cave-man diet, paleo eat only vegetables, fruit, nuts, meats, and organ meats. They prefer not to consume any processed product such as sugar, processed meats, tinned or canned food, alcohol, coffee or dairy products including vegetable oils, artificial fats and those with additives in. Due to its natural roots, people on paleo diets believe that Tallow is perfect for cooking with, it can be kept in an airtight container, is suitable for both fridge or freezer and also lasts quite a long time.

Ideal For High Heat Cooking

If you’re looking to fry your food, then Tallow is a good option as it is a stable product, performs well under a high heat as well as giving food itself a good, strong flavor. Tallow was once found in plenty of fast food restaurants as it was cheap to buy, easy to store and customers loved the extra crispy taste of their meals. However, as the use of vegetable fats and oils became common people became unsure about using animal fat, even though roast potatoes are often cooked in goose fat, in their cooking and looked instead to using butter,  spray liquids, and pastes. Fat from an animal, such as a cow that has been raised humanely on a grass-rich diet, contains no additives, or chemicals nor has the fat been given a chance to oxidize.

Healthy Fat, Healthy Food

Not only does Tallow contain high quantities of vitamin D which help to build strong, healthy bones. It’s also better for us as the saturated fat has little to no sugar in it, unlike other fats that are combined with sugars which people then consume as high carbohydrate snacks, meals, and drinks. These high-calorie foods are often the same ones that partially responsible for high levels of blood pressure, obesity and eventually diabetes. Studies have also shown that Tallow can help reduce cancerous tumors as the fatty acids that occur naturally in tallow help to boost the body’s Conjugated Linoleic Acid levels.

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