Sunday, November 13, 2016

Bored of Sport: Not After You've Read This Blog Post!

Do you get bored playing sports? Sure, there are some sports that aren’t for everyone. But once you have found a sport that suits you, you shouldn’t start to feel bored of it after a while. If you do start to feel unmotivated, there are some great ways you can inject a bit more fun into your sporting sessions. Here are some of them.

Use Wearable Tech

There is now a lot of tech on the market that can help workouts and training. Some of the best tech that you can use is wearables. Things such as Fitbits fall into this category of sports tech. They help make things more fun by tracking your process. For instance, your Fitbit can track how many calories you burn during one session playing sports. One way to make your next session fun is to try and beat the number of calories that you burn. You can even use this wearable tech to set yourself goals. Once you start smashing all your goals, you will find that you start having a lot more fun with sport!

Don’t Take It So Serious

Don’t take your workouts and sports sessions too seriously! Sure, it is good to keep on beating your personal bests, but if that is all you think about, you will slowly start to lose all the fun. So have a couple of sports sessions each week that you don’t take too seriously. Why not head to the park with your friends and play some frisbee? Another idea would be to see if a shop in your area has some bubble soccer for sale. Then you can let off some steam playing this fun version of soccer while having a laugh!

Train With A Friend

Sport can be boring if you just do it alone. This is why many people choose to take part in gym classes rather than work out solo on the machines at their gym. So if you have never trained with a friend, you should give it a go. You will find that it is a lot more fun and that you can stay motivated for longer. After all, you will have your friend there cheering you on! Another benefit of working out with friends is that you can set each other mini challenges. This can often lead to some friendly competitiveness which is great to keep you motivated!

It’s Not About The Winning

Try not to focus on the winning. Sure, the main reason many of us take up a sport is to try and win some games! However, you need to look at the other reasons for taking part if you want to find the fun in it. If you play a team sport, think carefully about your part in the team. Playing a part of the team should give you a sense of pride. And this will, hopefully, lead to you enjoying the game even more!

Bored of sports? You won’t be anymore! And you never know, these tips might even lead to you performing better than you ever have done!

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