Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Help For Moms! Fantastic Ways To Make Fruit More Appealing To Kids

It’s a sad fact that studies have found almost seven out of ten kids are not getting their recommended daily fruit and vegetable intake. As you may know, they are essential to keep our children healthy. And if they don’t have enough now, it often leads to health problems when they are older. But it can be a nightmare to persuade our kids to eat some during the day.  They put their nose up at delights such as bananas, kiwis, and apples. Therefore, here are some fantastic ways to make fruit more appealing to kids!

Add them to a sauce

Kids often don’t know what they are eating when it comes to sauces. Therefore, one of the best ways you can make fruit more appealing to kids is to hide it in sauces! For example, if you are making a chicken curry for the kids, you might want to add pineapple to the sauce. That way, they are getting more fruit in their diet without even knowing they are eating it. You could even add apple sauce to pork dinners so that they can enjoy the dish with the added benefit of nutrients!

Smoke or grill them

We know how delicious meat and fish can taste on the BBQ. And the kids love tucking into a BBQ chicken wing or sausage. Therefore, you can make fruit more appealing to kids by smoking or grilling it! Fruit such as apple or banana tastes delicious once it’s been on the grill. Your kids will be more inclined to eat it, and you could even serve it with ice cream to make it more of a treat! If you don’t currently have a grill, you can look online to find a new one. There are plenty of grills out there; rec tec grills are some of the best pellet smokers available, and there is so much other choice!

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Make a fruit salad

When you give your child one piece of fruit, it can often be met with a tantrum. After all, it’s boring to a child. Therefore, you should consider making a fruit salad with lots of different types of fruit. It will make it much more interesting for kids as they will have different flavors to try. You could even add cream or ice cream to make it more of a treat for your children!

File:Fruit salad (4696869097).jpg

Eat it yourself

Children love to copy their parents on a daily basis. After all, it’s cool to feel grown up. Therefore, if you want to make it more appealing to kids, you should make sure you are eating it yourself. When they see you are eating it, they are more likely to be keen to try it themselves. Also, keep the fruit in sight so that it stays clear in your kid’s mind that it’s something they should be eating!

And remember you could create some fruity muffins for your kids to enjoy. Children will love banana or blueberry muffins for breakfast! But as I discussed here, make sure you use a refined sugar-free recipe!

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