Friday, September 16, 2016

Why A Simple Omelet Can Be A Healthy, Gourmet Treat For The Whole Family!

Let's be honest, whenever anyone suggests omelets as a meal, do you internally groan? Do you think oh cheese and egg, how original and secretly try and get the to consider another recipe to eat? We'll if that's the case then you are not alone. But, have you ever considered that the humble omelet cooked well can actually be a delicious treat. Read on to find out more.


The first thing the omelet has got going for it is that it's quick. This means it's perfect for busy moms, with kids that are screaming to be fed. You can cook an omelet in less than 10 minutes!



You don't need a bachelor's degree in culinary arts to cook an omelet either. A pan, a dash of oil, eggs, and some delicious fillings is enough to make a proper filling meal. If you are a fan of those very fluffy omelets, you can use the following tip.


Separate your eggs into white and yolk. Then pour the yolk into a manual plastic milk frother. Use The Frother to aerate the egg white and don't stop until it's all white and bubbly like the beginning of a meringue. Then combine gently with the yolks. You’ll find that the eggs puff up a treat, especially when you put the omelet under the grill to brown.



The thing about omelets is that they are super healthy too. Eggs are a great source of protein, which keeps you filled up for longer.


Then there are all the wonderful fillings that you can include. Don't think you are just limited to mushrooms and cheddar! There are many types of delicious, healthy, organic food that you can include in an omelet. Try ingredients like spinach, tomatoes, onions and ham. Or how about olives, tomatoes, and bacon? In fact, you should try to use organic free range eggs to make it even more healthy.

Don't forget the meat too. Cured prosciutto ham is a nice luxury touch. Just remember to put it on right at the end, so it isn't too cooked by the time your serve it. If you are using meats from raw like bacon or sausages in the omelet, make sure to cooked the thoroughly in the pan first, before adding the eggs.


Of course, no omelet is complete without that gooey, melty, cheesy part. The trick is to put the cheese in early enough so it all melts. You can either flip the omelet in the pan or it under the grill to ensure you get a melted cheesy top.


Picking the cheese for your omelet is quite important. Traditionally a cheddar is used, but you can use any cheese. Try mozzarella, which is a healthy choice, as it's low in fat and it melts wonderfully. Or how about a goats cheese omelet with red peppers? Delicious! You can even go for a Swiss themes omelet with chopped mushrooms, ham or bacon, and gruyere!

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