Thursday, September 8, 2016

Grown-up Evenings In: How to Avoid Dullness

As you get older, your tastes often change a lot. From what you like to eat to what you enjoy doing, you can be a very different person at 30 than at 20. How you like to spend time with your friends can be one of the things that change. In your younger days, you might enjoy going to clubs and bars and staying up until the early hours. But as early as your mid or late twenties, you can start to feel the desire to slow down. Gathering at a friend's house and having a fun but relatively quiet night can be a lot more appealing. But how do you plan a grown-up night in that isn't utterly boring?

Prepare Tasty (But Easy) Food

Everyone wants to be fed at a party. Depending on what sort of feel you're going for, it could be canapes or it could be a three-course meal. If you want to have a dinner party, everyone will turn up with empty stomachs, ready to stuff themselves. Don't worry if you've never really cooked for a group of people before. Choose courses that you can mostly prepare in advance and finish off when everyone arrives. If you're just providing snacks, you don't have to stick to nuts and chips from a packet. Surprise everyone by going the extra mile and making some finger foods.

Make Your Own Cocktails

Drinks are important too, whether you're having a boozy weekend party or a dry weeknight get together. If you want to make your drinks offerings more exciting, cocktails are the way to do it. With a few different ingredients, you can offer a fun range of drinks. Before the party starts, make sure you practice making a few drinks. If you want to create the perfect Moscow Mule cocktail, don't try and learn it at the last minute. Get out some nice glasses or other drinks receptacles too. Grown-ups don't drink from mismatched beakers and mugs.

Put on Some Entertainment

How are you going to keep everyone from getting bored? At an adult party, the main entertainment should always be the conversation. However, you might want some other stimulating things to do. Perhaps you can put some music on in the background, and maybe get some dancing going later in the evening. If you're outside, light a fire for everyone to gather around or perhaps play some games. For an ultra-nerdy night in, get out some board games or your Playstation.


If you want to make your party more sophisticated, some proper decorations can help. Get out a fancy tablecloth, put some flowers in jars, or hang some fairy lights. You can make your serving plates and other crockery a part of your decoration too. Why have plain glasses and white plates when you can have copper mugs and colorful crockery instead?

You might be slowing down, but there can be more fun on a night in with friends than a night out. Don't fall into the trap of assuming your parties have to be boring or quiet.

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