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Your Complete Guide To Running A Household

Running a household is no easy task for anyone. Sometimes it can feel like you are overloaded with requests and “to do” lists from all different angles. There is no surprise that at the end of the day you are exhausted. What we don’t take into consideration is that not only do we have a house to run but we also have a life to lead. We may have work commitments to be thinking about, children to look after. So what is involved in running a successful household?


In theory, not a lot. Other than time managing yourself appropriately. If you take one thing from this post, it would be that managing your time and keeping yourself organized is the key to success. It helps with every aspect of running your home. With that in mind, here are some of the ways you can run a successful household. Your complete guide to running a home.


The finances

In a lot of cases, families tend to designate the financial side of things to one person to manage. This means that this person is in charge of the running account balance, what is spent, and making sure the bills get paid. Here are few tips on how to ensure this side of your household necessities runs smoothly. Also ensuring you stick to the budget.


Managing the bills

The bills are what leave you account each month. Some need to be paid for manually. While others will leave your account automatically through a direct debit. These are the things that need to be paid out each month to keep a roof over your head. Often they are your biggest expenses like mortgage payments or energy bills. A great way of keeping track is to use online banking apps to ensure that your bills have left your account. Or that there is enough money in your bank to cover the costs due. Another fantastic way of budgeting is to use computer applications like spreadsheets. Many of which will allow you to predict income levels, or work out how much disposable income you will have left.


Making savings

Managing the finances can bring you all kinds of issues. The need for making savings is one of those things. We all try and save as much as we can but often miss out on a few ways to do it. Your regular bills are just some of the ways you can make a saving. Things like switching providers to make use of introductory offers are one way. Another thing you can do is look at your expenses that you have control over. The first major one being your food bill. There are a many ways you can save on your food bill. Meal planning is one of the most popular. This is where you invest your time to planning the meals for the week ahead. You may wonder how this saves you money? But what planning your meals does is allows you to create a list for your food shop. So instead of buying what you think you needed you but was you actually need. Therefore cutting down waste and expenditure.

Alternatively, you could also look at some of the other expenses you have. Things clothes, family days out and treats. There is also money to be saved here by using things like discount codes and vouchers. These can offer great savings on these sorts of things and are readily available online.

What to do when things get tight?

Sometimes it is inevitable that things can get tough. Money could be tight one month because of unforeseen circumstances. School trips, the car breaking down. They can all be big expenses that we just haven't planned for. This is where making those extra savings could be vital for getting you through the month until the next payday. If you can’t find the savings, then you could always consider asking family for help. However, in some circumstances, we may need to turn to credit cards, loans or consider a cash advance. If you find yourself needing to consider one of those options make sure you may repayments on time and keep the interest costs as low as possible. This avoids you creating further problems for yourself in the future.


Earning extra income for the home

In some circumstances, you may have the opportunity to try and earn some extra income for your household. If you are a stay at home parent or find yourself having a little extra time on the evenings or weekends. The considering different options could help boost your disposable income. This might help towards savings for vacations, big expenses or gifts for birthdays and Christmas. People consider things like mystery shopping, being paid to fill out surveys or even starting a blog to generate income. There are plenty of options available that could suit any timescale you are willing to put into it.

The cleaning

Cleaning your home can be one of those things we all love to hate. But often we love the end results once all the cleaning is done. The problem is that many of us tackle the cleaning of our homes in the wrong way. Many people leave the whole house to be cleaned at once. Making it feel like a big task that could be impossible to finish, or do thoroughly. This is why I have put together a few tips to help you tackle the cleaning of your home efficiently and better than you ever have before.

Having a cleaning schedule

A cleaning schedule is one of the best ways you can tackle your household chores. The beauty of it is that not one schedule will be the same as someone else's. This is because your cleaning schedule is specific to the jobs and chores you have, the time in which you have to do them and how you do them. Making it unique to you. In principle, although no schedule will be the same, the way you do things has a formula. Stick to the formula and you can’t go wrong. Start off with a list of every weekly, monthly and yearly household chore you need to do. From cleaning the bathroom to the gutters. The get your weekly ones and work out how many you have compared to how many available days you have to clean. Then allocate jobs for specific days. Leaving smaller ones for your busiest days, and bigger chores for the days you have more time. The the next thing to do is allocate monthly jobs and then yearly tasks. Try and make sure once a month you tackle a month job and a yearly chore. Therefore you keep on top of things.

The beauty of this cleaning schedule is that every chore get’s done. You are constantly keeping on top of things, and those jobs are getting your full attention. Rather than making it one big chore to do that you half-heartedly put effort into complete.


Spreading the chores around

Who says chores have to be done by one person? The opinion is even if you're a stay at home mom that all cleaning jobs are left to yourself. But your whole family lives in your home. So why not spread some of the chores around. Perhaps leaving the responsibility of children's bedrooms to your children, if they are older enough. Ensuring that they start to take ownership of their own surroundings and things. Or even ask your other half to perform some tasks. Things like putting washing in the machine before leaving for work or more manual jobs like garden maintenance. When chores are spread around it makes everyone feel part of the running of the home.


The family

The family can be one of your biggest juggles. From school or extracurricular activities, events and family gathering. Through to work commitments or knowing when you or your other half are around for drop offs and collections. It’s all a big juggle that can be easy to lose sight of. Which is why I hope these extra tips should help you out.

Having a schedule and calendar

A calendar, diary or wall planner schedule is a great way to keep tabs on where everyone needs to be. Often children can have more things to do that some adults. With after school activities, trips, and sports commitments. It can be hard to keep track of where everyone needs to be at any one time. Having something to refer to will enable you to plan your week ahead accordingly. Making sure all commitments are met.


An essential way to keep things moving is to communicate with your family. Make sure everyone is aware f the week ahead. Some people like to call family meetings at breakfast or meal times to discuss the week ahead. A great to do this is a Sunday.

Family meal times

Getting the family together for one meal day can be hard. But it’s vital part of family bonding. It’s a great time for you all to share your day and experiences. While presenting news of up and coming things that could affect the family. Both logistically or financially.

I hope this guide helps you on your way to running a successful household.

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