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The Breakfast Club: Not Just A Movie But Waffles And Pancakes Too

We’re taking it back to the 80’s here, and remembering the days of Molly Ringwald and Emilio Estevez. If you’re too young to recall the film, look up The Breakfast Club and feast your eyes on one of the best adolescent cult movies of the decade. Ok, so the movie was about early morning detention and nothing to do with food. But the title’s still used to this day, for everything breakfast related. Said to be the most important meal of the day, fuel yourself up and take in all the awesome ways you can enjoy this morning ritual.

Big Breakfast Bash With Friends

Have you got friends staying for the weekend? Has your Saturday been filled with outdoor adventure and a few drinks in the evening? If so, you’re going to want to prepare for a big breakfast bash with friends on Sunday before they head back out of town. Gather everyone together and head down to your favorite local for an action packed social breakfast bash.  From chocolate chip muffins to egg in the hole, this is a chance to regroup and reflect on a weekend of fun. Try and make a big breakfast with friends a monthly affair, no matter what your age. Getting together and bonding over food is a great way to strengthen all your relationships. And a big breakfast bash is a great excuse to go all out and order extra pancakes and maple syrup or a couple more waffles just for the hell of it. Food and friends go hand-in-hand!

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Breakfast Before Travelling

Heading off on vacation can be a stressful time. Add kids, last-minute packing and securing your property into the mix and your day isn’t going to start off in the most pleasant of ways. When booking flights, try and get something around lunchtime so that you can get a good breakfast in before. Don't cause more tension by getting breakfast at the airport. Instead, check out to see what’s open in your area. Bonus, a full hearty breakfast will hopefully make the kids sleepy on the plane journey. Make sure you all eat some natural yogurt and fruits including blueberries and watermelon before you fly. Get in some vitamin C with some oranges too. Flights can be germy places so you want to protect yourself with an extra intake of vitamins. Avoid a full, fatty breakfast before flying and opt for whole grain cereals instead. You want to keeP your blood sugar levels as balanced as possible for the flight.  

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Sunday Breakfast Brunch

Lazy Sunday’s are made for breakfast brunch. Blur the lines of both meals with an indulgent Sunday meal. Whether you’re with friends or family, brunch is a great time to kick back and relax before the week ahead. Take a stack of newspapers with you, wear comfy clothes and order to your hearts content. Make it a two-hour affair and take it easy. Why not take along a box of TableTopics to add to the fun? These brilliant games create conversation starters. Questions include “what do you love about your hometown?’ and ‘if you could play one musical instrument what would it be'? Great for kids and adults alike. Take this time to bond with your children and find out how their week has been. The same goes for your spouse and friends. We spend so much time using technology as our way of communicating, that we often forget the benefits of a good old-fashioned get-together.

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Breakfast On The Go

There is much debate about whether breakfast is the most important meal of the day or not. Regardless, what we do know is that breakfast gives our body and brain much-needed energy. It restores glucose levels and helps us concentrate going into the afternoon. Breakfast also stops us from snacking mid-morning. So, even if you say you haven’t got time to make breakfast in the morning, at least have breakfast on the go. Special K Flatbread Breakfast Sandwiches are easy to pop in the microwave and are a good source of protein. You can also grab a 0pc fat vanilla yogurt or an on the go breakfast bar with granola and honey oats. Maple pumpkins seeds with sea salt are also a yummy alternative if you are in a rush.

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Whichever Breakfast Club you happen to be enjoying this week, make sure to have fun and stay healthy. But add a little extra maple syrup to the mix if you fancy it!

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