Monday, August 8, 2016

Save Money When You Shop For Birthday Gifts: Get a Gift Drawer

When you think about your family and friends and their birthdays, it can all add up a bit. There might be parties that you need to contribute to, as well as just cards and gifts. It might not seem like a lot at the time. But over the course of a year, it can all add up. I find that when you get gifts last minute, it seems to cost even more. If you take time and plan ahead, you can get some great deals. Saving you a lot of money as you go along. If you don’t already have a cupboard or drawer for gifts, then it might be time to get one. Then you can add to it as time goes along. You will save money as you do so, which is the biggest benefit. It means that you have some go-to gifts when a friends birthday comes along too. If you are thinking of getting a present drawer, then here are some ways to fill it up!


Shop in the Sales

To get the best bargains at any time, you need to look for the sales. When you are shopping for yourself, you might become a little picky with what you buy. When you are shopping for potential gifts, the criteria is a little different. So look out for things that will work well for friends and family. Things like scented candles, homewares, toys or beauty products are all great to stock up on. Grab a few bits at each sale and you will have a stockpile in no time.

Bulk Buy

If you have a lot of people that will enjoy the same gift, then it makes sense to buy in bulk. A lot of girlfriends might enjoy the same gift, as well as nieces or nephews. So it might be a good idea to browse wholesale giftware for ideas of what you could get in bulk. You obviously want things that won’t perish or go off for a while. Toiletries, perfumes or even jewelry are great items to buy in bulk at wholesale prices.



If you like to look for a great deal, then I’m sure that you are familiar with coupons. These are great and easy ways to save some cash. You might see a coupon for money off something that you wouldn’t actually want to buy. But you need to change how you think. Would it work as a gift for someone you know? If the answer is yes, then go for it! You will save money and have some great gifts to put away.

Homemade Cards

The cost of getting cards can just seem to increase more and more. Even if they are only a few dollars each, buying several a year can add up. So if you like to do crafts, consider making the cards yourself. If you’ve got the cardstock and some cute decorations, they will be quick and easy to make. Then just add them to the gift drawer.

I hope these tips have been helpful and given you some ideas for saving money with a gift drawer. Happy shopping!

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