Monday, August 29, 2016

How Long Should Your Household Appliances Live? The Answers May Surprise You!

Buying household appliances is never fun. It's a lot of hard-earned money that the whole while, you keep thinking could be spent on something more interesting. If only your food could magically manage to cook itself, your clothes never dirty, your coffee arriving freshly prepared. Instead, you have to fork out a couple of weeks worth of wages for the big purchases.
When you buy them, it's only natural to expect that they're going to last. Few people are seduced into the idea of extended warranties and for good reason; they're usually not worth it. But even without them, it's only to be expected that these are not purchases you have to make often... right?

Everything you buy for the home has a shelf life. Before you invest in them, it's worth bearing in mind what the experts think their lifespan is going to be. This means when you buy, you can keep an eye on the price and make sure it's going to be worth it.
Manufacturers guidelines are not much help on this issue, as it is in their business to tell you an item won't last long - so you willingly buy another. Here's what the Study of Life Expectancy of Home Components thinks you can get out of your items. Some appliances are not covered in this study, so their figures are from online estimates.
Entertainment Items
These have some of the shortest shelf lives, unfortunately.
  • Laptops. Designed for their convenience, laptops tend to run their usage after four years. You can expect to see a noticeable slowdown after two, though good maintenance can help.
  • Desktops are a little hardier, provided you have treated them right.
  • Televisions. These can be temperamental, with a 3% chance of total failure within four years according to one report.
Small Household Appliances
You may have the best coffee maker and a toaster that does things just right, but for how long? The best machine is not necessarily the one that makes perfect coffee or toast, but the one that will work for awhile.
  • Coffee machines are expected to last on average five years. If you're going for the best cappuccino maker on the market, chances are you'll be upgrading it out of choice before then.
  • For a toaster, you are advised to expect eight years. However, many people with mid- to high-range toasters complain that two years is more likely.
  • Other goods such as waffle irons or panini makers will last at least five years if looked after right.
White Goods
The big ticket purchases are the ones we want to last, and they're essentials for the home as well.
  • Gas range. Roughly fifteen years is a good expectancy, though obviously replace if you note any issues on safety grounds.
  • Washing machine. Ten years, though they can go up to 16.
  • Microwaves can last up to nine years, meaning they are fantastic value for money given the lower starter costs.
  • Dishwashers also last up to nine years if treated correctly.

The usual caveats obviously apply when making sure a recently bought appliance lasts. If you treat them well, they will reward you. Just make sure you keep the receipt for any of the pricier items!

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