Monday, August 22, 2016

Gifts For People Who Always Prefer Staying In To Going Out!


Friends who would always rather curling up on the sofa with a book and a drink, or the TV on… we’ve all got them! If you need to buy a gift for somebody like this, you might initially be at a loss. You can’t buy them coffee shop vouchers because they make their morning coffee at home on the weekends! You can’t take them out for drinks to celebrate because they’ll probably have a hot date with their sofa planned. So, what can you give them? Or, more importantly, what can you give them that they’ll like, and appreciate? Read on to find out some ideas!

A handmade blanket

If the receiver of your gift is a real homebody, there is probably nothing they love more than getting comfortable. This might be on the sofa for a Netflix marathon, or in bed with a magazine. Either way, something that all people like this love is blankets. Get one made from high-quality material, so you know it won’t fray or rip easily. This means that you get your money's worth, and your friend gets a lot of use out of it. For an extra special gift, get a personalized blanket. This doesn’t mean it has to say their name on it. It could just be that you’ve had it made especially in their favorite colors or even favorite material. On the topic of material, make sure you give it a feel yourself before purchasing. Nobody wants to use scratchy blankets!

A special whiskey

We’ve already touched upon the fact that your friend might not be much of a social drinker. However, if they enjoy a tipple at home, give a gift that accommodates that. If you don’t already know what they like best, find an excuse to visit and take a look at their drinks cupboard or shelf. You shouldn’t necessarily focus on what they have full bottles of. This might be because they don’t like it much, and have it in for guests. Instead, go for something that is half empty! This means that they drink it, and like it! Drinks like Kikori and Chambord also come in really cool bottles. This means that they can double up as ornaments or even vases once the alcohol has gone! Find out what reliable and informative website Whiskey Reviewer thinks about Kikori here.

A Kindle

Broach this one very carefully if you’re buying for a book lover! Some adore the idea of Kindles, and other e-readers. However, others swear that Kindles are destroying their beloved world of books, and swear they’d never use one. So, be sure to test the waters here first. You have been warned! However, if you manage to establish that they won’t be mortally offended by one, this is a great gift. Being a tad more expensive that other more ‘token items’ it’s ideal for a very close friend, or a very special occasion. Each year, you could supplement your gift by buying them a new collection of books for it!

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