Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Gift Ideas For Your Unique Friends

We all have at least one friend who is a little unique. The one who goes against the grain on pretty much anything. We love them dearly, of course, but these are the friends that can make birthdays and Christmas difficult. What do you get them? Well, rest assured these suggestions should give you some food for thought. Here are some of the gift ideas I recommend for your unique friends.


Home in on the things they like

The chances are your friend is interested in something that no one else is. They may like collecting things of a particular animal, or just love things that are a little different. Even though you think it would be hard to buy for these friends, they will actually give you clues a lot as to what they may like. You just need to think outside of the box. So if your friend loves Roosters then consider some rooster decor. If they like all things to do with pigs, then indulge that. Maybe they are into different types of furniture or really unusual pieces of art. The thing is, when we look close enough, we actually have plenty of ideas staring us in the face.

Get something personalized

Unique people are often one of a kind. So why not consider that factor when purchasing a gift. Getting something personalized will make that item unique and different. There won’t be anything else like it. It could be as simple as a photograph, or even an engraved wine glass. Choosing to add a personal message to a gift will give it the extra wow factor.


Consider their hobbies

Sometimes the best gifts are ones that they will use a lot of. Which is why it is always worth considering their hobbies when it comes to choosing a gift. They may need some new equipment, or perhaps would welcome something to do with it like tickets for a show or books. People spend a lot of time perfecting their hobbies. So any friend would really appreciate the thought because you considered their interests.

Make something individual

Everyone loves a handmade gift. They show thought and initiative. So it's no surprise that your unique friend would welcome a gift that is individual to them. It’s a great opportunity to flex your creative skills. You don’t need to do anything too major. Perhaps even just making a card and choosing some words appropriate for the occasion would suffice. Everyone loves the gesture something handmade brings.

Give the gift of time

Finally, there is no better gift you can give anyone but your time. It’s time you can spend together doing something you both enjoy. It’s about being there for them when they need your help or support. Time is precious, and not everyone realizes that they have the greatest gift of all at their fingertips. Showing interest and spending time with someone can also strengthen your friendship.

I hope this has inspired you to think outside of the box when it comes to gifts for your unique friends.

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