Monday, July 18, 2016

Summer Reading Challenge!

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For some of you, summer has barely begun. For some of us, summers almost over. My kid goes back to school August 8! It's so close! But for those of you who still have a while before school starts again, you may be trying to prevent the dreaded "summer slide". You know, where kids forget the things they learned in school during summer break.

Summer Reading Challenge 2016
Did you know that reading just 4-6 books over the summer can help prevent a drop in standardized test scores? I know, that seems like such a small number of books! But, it's totally doable over there summer.

Here are some interesting stats:

  • Kids without access to learning opportunities during the summer lose up to 1 month of grade level equivalency.
  • Teachers spend 22% of the school year re-teaching forgotten information.
  • Reading regularly, even for just a few minutes a day, can fix the summer learning gap. Epic! can be read on any device, making reading convenient anytime! Whether in the car, at the doctors, or even at the beach!
  • Surround kids with a variety of books and let them choose what they want to read. Epic! has more than 15,000 award-winning, high-quality books for kids 12 and under.
  • For reluctant readers (like my own son), plan crafts and other enrichment activities to bring the stories to life!
Read on Epic! Anywhere. Anytime. On any device.Summer Reading Challenge 2016
The Epic! Summer reading challenge is live. Tons of families have already met this reading goal. If you haven't heard of it, check it out below.Kids who read 5 books on Epic! earn a special reading certificate.

Get 2 FREE months of Epic! when you start a new subscription. Hurry, the free promo ends on 7/20!

Summer Slide - Get 2 Months of Epic for FREE

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