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Make Money With Your Fitbit, Cell Phone, or Other Wearable Fitness Device

*Note: this is not only for Fitbit users. Most of these apps allow for a variety of devices and apps that can sync your activity! Take a look and sign up! 

There are a variety of reasons that people have decided to get a Fitbit or fitness wearables. Most say because they want to have a healthier lifestyle. But, after a while, the numbers just don't seem to be as important. So, you either stop wearing it, stop caring, or you wear it and then not bother with the stats. You wear it almost as a statement now. 

So make it fun! With this post, I'll tell you a few different ways to make money with your Fitbit! Yes, you read that right. You're going to make your fancy step counter make you some cash :)

I have a Fitbit One, and I'll tell you - I've forgotten to put it on after a shower, or if I take it off to wash dishes or something. I have had many days where I'm like, "Omg, this would have been a great day for my steps". 

Note: I use most of the sits I tell you about. There are a few at the bottom that I thought some of you may like, but I don't currently use.

First off, if you have a Fitbit, send me a friend request! >> My Fitbit Profile <<

Walgreens Balance Rewards

It sounds like a pretty easy place to start. Balance Rewards points are customer loyalty points. You earn these by shopping, filling prescriptions, etc. But you can also earn points by connecting your Fitbit, or one of several other health apps that they can sync with. You'll earn 20 points for every mile you walk, run, or even bike. 5k points is a $5 reward! If you save them up you can end up with a hefty reward. You can use these points at Walgreens towards purchases. You get 250 points just for signing up and connecting an app.

Achieve Mint (may be a waiting list)

This is a new one I recently discovered. I don't do enough to earn points very fast, but you may do a better job than me. I'm hoping that I'll be able to do more here soon. It's a goal I'm making. So you go to the website and sign up. You can connect your Fitbit or other device and social accounts, and you'll get to earn points for the healthy things you do. Once you get to 10k points, you'll get $10 cash (or check, really). Simply connect your account and you'll be on your way to earning rewards. 

This one allows you to earn points with your Fitbit and other devices and accounts (such as MyFitnessPal, and many more). Apparently, some insurance companies or employers will match some of the points you earn, so you may want to check with yours to see if they do. If they don't, maybe you can introduce it to them!
Simply sign up on the homepage. Once you're signed up you can connect a variety of devices and accounts. You can then add your health plan, employer or even college. If they're on there you may earn additional rewards. If they're not listed, you can skip the step. I've seen some new users say that they are earning rewards from some of the activity prior to them signing up, so that may be a bonus for you!  With this one, you won't earn free stuff or money, but you'll earn discounts on products you may want to purchase, or try out. But this is a set-it-and-forget-it type account, so just write it down somewhere to check in on it every now and then. :)
Psst, if you want to add me here you can! >>>  My profile <<<


I just recently found out about this one. I literally just signed up, so I don't have a screenshot to show you since they're still syncing the data from my Fitbit. 

Once you join Leap4Life, you'll sync your Fitbit or another device, set your goals, join events and challenges. You'll earn FitWell points that you can redeem for gift cards. If you compete in challenges and events you'll earn rewards faster. 2500 Fitwell points is a $25 gift card, so get moving!

Once you sign up, join me on my team! Let's motivate each other! Invite your friends to join, too. 
Join me here:
Join me for a 30-day challenge! 

Higi stations are health monitoring stations found in grocery stores and pharmacies. Near me, they're at Fry's Food Stores. But they can be found at Whole Foods and Rite Aids all over America. You can find one near you here. You can earn 1 point for every 100 steps you take. You can redeem those points on activewear and protein shakes. Participate in challenges with other users where the winner takes all. Some prizes I've seen are bikes, Visa gift cards, etc. Sync your Fitbit with Higi for easy tracking. Download the app or visit a station to record the activities.

If you sign up, leave your profile link below and I'll follow :)

This is one I used to use, but I no longer do. I think I'll try to download it again, but back when I was using it, I switched to another phone that it wasn't on (either I had an iPhone and switched to Android, or maybe it was when I came back to Apple.. I don't know... ). It's actually a good idea. You need to go to the gym, report on your food or water goals, etc. You put up or shut up with this one. You put up your own money, $5 minimum for the amount you'll be charged from your own bank/credit card for missing a workout or log. Each Sunday, Pact will divide up all the fines paid by those who didn't meet their goals and skipped and pay it to those who met their goals. Each week pay will vary based on how many people skipped LOL.  The range for a payout is $0.35 to $5. Sync your Fitbit for easy tracking. Check it out in your App Store. 

Healthy Wage
This one I have not actually tried out but have heard of it.  It is similar to Pact, but the difference is that you'll set a time limit for the wager and the monthly dollar amount. If your goals are met, you win your share of the money. You can set up a personal wager with yourself, against friends, or can join a challenge where the payout can be up to $10K. The prizes can vary with the average winner walking away with a couple hundred. Sync your Fitbit to track your progress a little easier. 

This is another one that I am not too familiar with but wanted to share it. I am a member of it. It is a UK site sponsored by Oxford University and the European Space Agency, but it's available in several countries including the USA. Sign up, earn points, then use your points to buy credits, and use credits for stuff in the rewards shop. Because it's based in the UK, users based in the US have pretty limited options for cashing out. Most of the rewards are UK vendors. iTunes and Best Western should work for us in the US. Just don't cash out for an gift card - that won't work in the US! 

Something the other sites don't offer. You can use your credits to buy a spin on a wheel to win rewards or money-can't-buy experiences. But in that same hand, you could lose all the points. If you're a gambler, this may be fun for you. Upgrade to premium and you'll earn points faster and will have access to rewards that free users can't get. 
If you sign up, use my code when signing up :)

So there's a variety of choices for you to sign up and earn money and rewards with your Fitbit or another fitness devices. 

Let me know in the comments which ones you are a member of or will sign up on. Also, tell me if there's an app or website that I don't know about!

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