Monday, July 11, 2016

Get to Know Everything about Jpeg - Myths and Facts


JPEG image format is called joint photographic experts group. It is a portable and advanced type of image that is being used widely. Since it has lossless image compression algorithms. It is preferred by most of the industries.

These algorithms compress the gray scale continuous tone of the images, keeping the specifications of the color intact. A very minute amount of image quality loss happens during the process, which is almost negligible.

However, these algorithms make the jpeg file more portable and transferable from one system to another. The size of the file is not too heavy and a huge amount of pictures can be stored. The raw versus JPEG controversy has been going on since photography was invented. Most professional photographers always shoot in RAW while some prefer it in Jpeg according to their requirement.

Get to know the benefits of Jpeg

Jpeg is the real strength when you are shooting any action photography. When you want to shoot a continuous sequence you need jpeg to shoot. In most DSLR, shooting in jpeg allows you to have more frames captured per second.

Not only this permits more images to be recorded, but also it allows shooting continuously with color burst. Therefore, needless to say, jpeg is the more adaptable type of file format when you actually want to capture the moment.

For immediate use
Most of the time people want to use the images immediately after they capture it. You might just need the image for a website or a presentation. Since the image processing in jpeg is much faster, you can easily skip post processing and just start using jpeg from your memory card.

Additionally, depending upon its pixels you can also print it for personal purposes. The instant printing that you get within 5 minutes at the studio is based only on this file format. Most of the time, you need a professional printer to process RAW file. However, in the case of jpeg, you can just use it with any type of printer.

The best way to get your work done is to understand your requirements. Shoot as per your requirement. For example, if you need a heavy-duty print, you have to use RAW file and for small printing, smaller versions of jpeg will do.

Hard drive filling up fast - Try jpeg

Needless to say, everyone loves to keep the pictures they are clicking and in the mean time it fills up your external drive. RAW files are much bigger than jpeg and occupy a larger space in the drive. Therefore, you can store more jpegs instead of raw files. Otherwise, your hard drive will start to crash. You can even lose your valuable moments.

Converting PDF to JPG 

Jpeg is mostly used for presentations and hence converting pdf to jpg is always a better choice. Moreover, pdf files can be easily used in web pages and web browsers. There are several online software, which easily converts pdf to jpg without any data loss.


Jpeg file format supports 16 million colors, so you can also use it for small to medium commercial purposes. In addition to it, as this format supports such huge amount of colors you can also use it for complex images.

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