Monday, July 18, 2016

Does Your Phone Have a Cracked Screen? Me Too.

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I have had my iPhone 6 for a little over a year. I've done really good with keeping a nice protective case on it, and even using ballistic style screen protectors. They're supposed to protect your phone screen from breaking. The cover would crack, not your phone. I've used quite a few over the past year or so that I've had my phone. They've been wonderful to me! I'm super clumsy and things just fly out of my hands at times.

Well, I dropped my phone, and the case I had was pretty (it's a selfie light case) and not protective. At least not to the degree my other cases are. Well, there was a small rock. And of course, my phone hit it. The rock hit just below the coverage area of the screen protector. And there on my beautiful phone was a few cracks that went up the front of the phone. Nothing too horrible. I could totally live with it until my contract is up in March and I can get a new phone. So I took the case off my phone in order to put a more protective case on it. My daughter grabbed the phone off the counter and tried to hand it to me. But I wasn't ready, and she let go too soon. It fell, in slow motion, screen first on the floor. I knew in my heart, I just already knew, that the crack got worse.

So now, my iPhone that's less than 2 years old has a spider web crack in the bottom left inch or so of the screen.

So now, do I get a new phone? Insurance will cost me about $150. I have less than a year, 8 months to be exact, until I get my new phone. So I'm going to try to hold out.

But maybe you can't! If your phone is cracked and you want a new one, check out a site like Gazelle.

CNET has noted that Gazelle is a great place to buy a certified pre-owned phone. Read the article here:

Gazelle Certified Pre-Owned to the Rescue!

Use Gazelle to get a phone to hold you over until you're either eligible for a new phone, or can buy a brand new one.

Save with a Pre-Owned Smartphone

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