Thursday, July 28, 2016

Can You & Your Partner Be Just As Loved Up As Before You Had Kids?

As a parent, your kids always come first. This means that sometimes your relationship can be put on the backburner. It’s easy to assume that post-children, your relationship has to change and won’t be as romantic as before. While this can be the case, it doesn’t necessarily have to be. There are plenty of couples who have young children and are just as loved up as they were before.

Want to know what the secret is of being as happy in your relationship after having kids as you were pre-children? Keep reading for everything that you need to know.

Eat separately from your children

eat seperate.jpg

Sometimes it’s nice to eat separately from your children. Give your kids their dinner earlier and then once they’re in bed, you and your partner can have dinner together. Making time for yourselves is important, as else your relationship will break down. Every second of every day can’t revolve around your kids, the two of you need time for yourselves as well.

So that the two of you can eat alone each night, consider using a meal delivery service. This would make it much easier to cook yourself and your partner a meal, as all you'll need to do is throw it all into the pan and cook it. No messing around slicing things up or weighing stuff out, everything will already be done. The great thing about eating once the kids are in bed is that you can have an adult conversation and some time to relax.

Go on dates

A couple of times a month, go on a date with your partner. Hire a babysitter for the kids or send them to their grandparent's house for the day, and plan a date for you and your partner. This can be a day date or an evening date, either way; it doesn’t matter. What’s important is that you and your partner get the time to have fun together.

Go for lunch at your favorite restaurant, see a movie, or go and do something spontaneous, just make time to date on a regular basis. You’ll find that if you do, your relationship is healthier and happier for it. It might take some planning but make sure to make time for dating. Ask any marriage counselor and they’ll tell you just how important having alone time is for you and your partner.

Don’t allow your kids to sleep in your bed

sleeping child.jpg

It’s an easy habit to get into, but if you want to have a healthy relationship with your partner, your kids can’t sleep in your bed. They have their own bedrooms for a reason, and it's important to realize that. Intimacy is a big part of having a healthy relationship and something that’s impossible if you’re sharing your bed with your little ones. That’s why it’s important to keep your kids out of your bed as much as possible. So that you’re able to be intimate with your partner.

If you want to ensure that post-children your relationship is just as healthy and happy as before, take note of the tips above. The most important thing is to ensure that you and your partner are able to have time to yourself on a regular basis. So going on regular dates is a must.

What do you do to ensure that you and your partner are spending time together?

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