Thursday, July 28, 2016

Behind The Blogger: You Don't Know Me

Well, isn't that something to say to my readers. Honestly, I'd hope you knew a little about me by this point. But this is the topic I'm given this week. I'm really just going to wing it...

I guess, if we look at it from the surface, you don't really know me. You only know what I tell you. And you assume it to be true. That's the problem with social media these days, isn't it. Or maybe it's always been a problem, way back to when it was cool to be in a Yahoo or AOL chat room. You never really knew who you were talking to.

So why do we put so much trust into those people we follow online? Why do we care what other people claim to be, or claim to be doing? 

So, I'm going to go over some things you may not know about me.

You don't know me. You don't know what I stand for, politically and socially. Unless you follow me on social media, you may not know that I'm a supporter of #BlackLivesMatter. You may not know that my husband is black. My daughter is mixed, yet looks white (blonde hair, light skin). My son is hispanic, though he doesn't look it, either. So I guess they'll be saying "you don't know me" in their life as well. 

You don't know me. But I consider myself a feminist. I am a supporter of equality for all. Whether it is for love, marriage, jobs, pay, etc. But don't get it twisted, you shouldn't get $15 an hour unless you EARN it. Sorry, not sorry.

Unless you've followed me for a while, you don't know that I have a thing called degenerative disk disease in my lower back. Pretty self-explanitory isn't it? The disks between the bones in my spine are deteriorating. And its extremely painful. I have pinched nerves. I get pain down my hips and legs. I can be walking and then all of a sudden stumble because my right leg likes to give out from time to time from the pain. So if I'm walking with a limp, that's what it is. 

I'm an open book. So if you want to know me, all you gotta do is ask.

You don't know me.... but I invite you to know me. I'm a pretty cool person.

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  1. My husband has DDD as well and there are days I literally have to carry this 28 year old man to the shower. It's awful. The pain NEVER goes away ... somedays are just easier than others. I hope you find relief. He found some relief by doing DDP Yoga!

  2. Completely with you on equality + black lives matter. It's funny to think about how we write in blogs about our lives but there's still so much more that people don't know!


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