Saturday, July 30, 2016

5 Mistakes You Need To Avoid When Cleaning Your Pool


With today's access to the internet, you can easily find all the answers you need. And if your problem is about cleaning your pool, it's only a few scrolls and clicks away. You can find a ton of reliable sources on how to effectively clean and maintain your crystal clear swimming pool online.

With that, you as a pool owner might already have a regular pool cleaning routine by now. Cleaning your own pool is a tough job and might even be a risky one. Especially if you're not quite familiar with how pools should be maintained, you cleaning your own pool might even cost you more bucks for repairs. And there might be a few pool cleaning practices you might have been doing the wrong way. So here, I listed some of the common pool cleaning mistakes you need to avoid.

1.) Not using a leaf rake

Most of the pool owners use leaf skimmer and not leaf rakes. This is one of the most common mistakes in pool cleaning. A pool skimmer can only let you grab debris that is floating in the water and not those that have sunk at the bottom. That is the reason why a leaf rake is much better to use. It basically can do a lot more things than a skimmer.

2.) Using an automatic pool cleaner in pools with algae

Algae is a common occurrence with pools especially when it is heavily used. One of the biggest cleaning mistakes is when you use automatic pool cleaners in a pool with algae formation. It will only spread the algae in the filter systems, bouncing it back to the pool. Automatic pool cleaners are great to use for keeping your pool clean, but not for pools that are required to be "vacuumed to waste". So for pools with algae formation, it's best to get rid of them manually.

Tip: Do not use nylon brushes in cases of black algae formation, as they can't remove it properly. Instead, use a stainless pool brush for thorough cleaning.

3.) Forgetting to brush your pool

Because cleaning your pool can be tough, in most of the time you resort with only vacuuming your pool and skipping the brushing part. That is a very common mistake which should be avoided. Pools should be brushed regularly, at least once a week. Automatic vacuums cannot dig in the corners of the pool and most importantly, cannot remove stubborn dirt and algae. Only brushing can do it. Brush the sides and bottom of your pool. Drag everything into the main drain.

Tip: Do not use a stainless pool brush in weekly cleaning because it's too abrasive, use a pool brush with PVC bristle instead.

4.) Not checking you skimmer basket

Most skimmer baskets tend to float up when the pump is turned off. The problem is in most of the time, the skimmer basket continues to float even when the pump is turned back on. With this, debris is sucked underneath and clogs the line. So it is important to check your skimmer basket regularly too.

5.) Shocking your pool in daylight

In case you didn't know, the sun burns chlorine. So in the event that you decide to shock your pool, always remember to do it at night. Those that I have mentioned are just some of the most common mistakes pool owners tend to do in cleaning pools. Now that you know these tips, you can clean your pool efficiently and effectively! Remember, proper maintenance is very important to make your pools last a long time. Do a regular cleaning routine and remember that quality cleaning is vital. It's best that you can consult a professional pool cleaning service from time to time to check your pool.

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