Saturday, June 25, 2016

VivaRoses - Flowers Delivered Straight from the Farm!

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I love having flowers in the home. I think that fresh flowers liven up the room, and brightens up the day. Waking up and watering them (and talking to them) is something I remember my mom doing when I was a kid. I don't often have fresh (and real) flowers, but it is something I'm trying to do more of.

When they contacted me to see if I'd like to work with them, I, of course, said yes! I chose Summer Luvin' - a beautiful bouquet of yellow and pink roses. I selected a date for them to be delivered after we returned from our weekend vacay to Rocky Point, Mexico.

VivaRoses has a super cute story of how they began.
(click the image to read it!)

They have a variety of flowers on the website, all of which would be great for any occasion (wedding, birthday, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, or just because). Whatever the reason, whoever receives them will be totally in love with them.

I was super excited to get them! (and you can get 20% off if you order!)
Note: I only have one vase. I thought I had more! However, I made do. You'll see below :)

The package was pretty, and I expected a package like this. They were being sent via Fedex. I have a bad history with Fedex. They often don't come to my door, but they surprised me and actually came to the door with this one.

The only thing I wasn't fond of was this: a problem during shipping. But it was ok. The flowers were safe.

When I opened the box, this is what I saw.

They were wrapped up together to keep safe with cardboard around the flowers to hold them still. They threw in three purple "Spa Day" roses, because I asked if they would, and my contact said yes! So here are the three purple ones :)

Plant food included!

Wrapped up nicely. The bottom of the stems had this green plastic tied to them. Inside is a green water soaked sponge to help keep them alive during the trip. Worked well, it was still wet when I got it! 

All wrapped up and safe and secure. I think this is pretty awesome!

to me, the yellow flowers look a little more green than yellow. but its ok - they're still pretty!

 So, it took me maybe a half hour to go through and cut down the flowers to the length I needed and removed some leaves. As I said earlier, I didn't have a large enough vase. So I thought "What would Pinterest do?" and then saw a few empty water bottles. Aha Moment! I cut the water bottles down a but and used them! I think it worked great :)

I put a few flowers in each of the cut down water bottles. Two of these ended up in my room :)

Here are some of the flowers in my actual vase. I put them next to my TV to show the height. These were barely cut at all. My TV is 50" (maybe 55?). If that helps show how tall/long they are!

Psst: The "vase" on the right isn't actually a vase! It's a tall cup from Las Vegas! LOL. 

Something else I found nice, on the side of the box there are instructions.

As you can see, the flowers are gorgeous straight out of the box (6/21). Here are a few photos I took today (6/25).

Aren't they beautiful! I'm loving these flowers, the kids love them and they're just a joy to look at every day.

If you're wanting beautiful roses like this in your home, or you want to give them as a gift, get 20% off with my link!

My next purchase from them will be one of the two below - aren't those unique?!

Check out the website and tell me, which one is your favorite?

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