Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Remember When.... #BehindTheBlogger

I don't even know how to start this post. I actually started writing it two weeks before its "due" to go up on the blog. So this post may just end up being my thought process. I might just leave it all in if it's good. Hey, it just may make a great post!

I'm wondering what exactly should I remember? I feel like I can't really write this like others can because my whole adult life I've been a mom, and I'm only going on 30. So while I feel like I haven't lived much, I've also seen quite a bit in 30 years. Technology has grown SO much. But, I don't really know what to write about. (future note: I'm afraid that once the kids are grown and gone that I'm going to have a hard time. I don't know how to be just 'wife' and not mom....)

So what do I write about? Remember when I could play outside until the street lights came on and the lightning bugs started to glow. I can't do this with the kids now, though. Even though, I don't think the world is any more or less safe than before - I just think with social media and instant news from everywhere we are able to see the threats that may not have been brought to light before. I think there are even articles that support that theory. 

Do I write about remembering what it was like being a teenager in 2000? I think that'd be stupid. Or what about remembering when we could drive somewhere without needing to take our cell phone? That may be a great post. I know that I take my phone everywhere. I am almost afraid to drive without it. Mainly because I'd hate to break down and not be able to contact AAA or anyone to come help me. I'm afraid of being stranded somewhere with the kids. How did we live before cell phones!? How did we do it? How did our parents do it? It seems kinda scary, actually. To walk up to a stranger's house and ask to use their phone. You know, the one that plugged into the wall. Today that seems kind of odd. If someone came up to my door and asked to use my phone, the first reaction would be "you think I'm going to let you either come into my place or that I'm going to hand my phone over to you? I don't think so"

Are we so... what's the word.... scared (?) as a whole to help a stranger like that? Are we so preconditioned to think that every stranger is a threat? When did that happen? I'm more likely to talk to a stranger on Facebook or Instagram than I am to talk to a stranger that knocks on my door.... how odd!

With that said, what's the world going to look like in 20 years, in terms of tech? I can't believe what has happened in the last 20 years, it seems so odd that this hasn't been the norm.

I had to tell my son, who will be 12 this year, how when he was born we didn't really have camera phones. Well, it was 2004, when was the first camera phone? I remember I didn't have a cell phone when he was born. I remember I didn't have a cell with a camera on it until maybe 2005 or 2006! So I hate that I have SO much more photos of my daughter (who will be 4 this year), and I had to explain that technology of today has not always been around. 

Oh, here's a good one: remember when people went to concerts and just watched the show?  Or sporting events... or the fair... or anywhere. There are cell phones in everyone's hands. We're more concerned with CAPTURING memories instead of HAVING and MAKING memories.

I think I've made my point. I think for a post like this one, I need direction! Otherwise, I will go off in 100 different areas with 20 trains of thoughts. I can't help it. If I let my brain run wild, that's what happens. 

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  1. Haha, I totally do the same thing with posts sometimes...just kind of wander aimlessly around my brain and then find some way to close it :)
    But I totally agree with you about how much things have changed in the last decade or two. Phones and technology really have changed EVERYTHING, including our attitude towards other people. I didn't really consider that until you talked here about fearing that all strangers could be a threat. Good post!

  2. Everything is different, I try and embrace it as in 20 years we too will look back and go remember when we used to take photos with our cell phones instead of this _____ insert device here. But I totally get it! And try and remember to put my phone away!

  3. Technology has really taken over and I admit, it's taken over my life as well in some aspects. I'm still able to visit with family or go to dinner with my husband without touching my phone. It stays in my purse, but with the rise of social media, it seems like I've almost forgotten how to interact with actual human beings. I suffer from social anxiety as it is, but within the past 10 years I think technology has made it worse. Where I use to be forced to call someone or walk up and talk to strangers to make friends, now I just send a text, instant message, or send a friend request. Those I've meetings I have with facebook friends in real life are awkward because it's like without commenting on a photo or a status, we almost have nothing to say to one another. While kids now are growing up only knowing this way of life, for those of us who grew up a different way, it seems weird and less social than it does to them.


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