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Places to Visit in Arizona During the Summer

For the past few years, people have been doing staycations more and more. While originally it started from necessity, now people are taking staycations as a great, affordable alternative that allows them to visit their area or state.

If you’re here in Arizona, especially in the Valley, you know the temps are brutal. Already this year (2016) we hit 117! It’s only early June! If you’re like me, you’re thinking of ways to escape the heat. For me, my husband and I (along with some friends and family) are going to Rocky Point to enjoy the beach for a weekend. But I get it, some people are afraid of going into Mexico, and others don’t have passports or don’t want to get one right now.

For others, though, they may decide to visit northern Arizona where the temps are much cooler. Of course, obvious choices would be The Grand Canyon and areas near that, but let's not write about what has been written! Let's do something different! In this post, I’ll give some suggestions of places to visit in Arizona during the summer.

Visit The Lakes!
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If you aren’t aware, there are some wonderful lakes around Arizona. They are a great way to cool off on those hot Arizona summer days. My personal fave (just so happens to be the only one I’ve been to LOL) is Lake Pleasant. It is about an hour north of Peoria. We take a canopy, camping chairs, a cooler, food, and lots of water and spend a day out there with the kids. They love splashing around in the water, watching the boats and jet skis out in the distance and just having a great day. We’ve camped there before, as well. The sunset is so amazing, and at night it’s pitch black so you’ll see so many stars! Sitting alongside the water with a campfire is so nice. You can also fish if that’s what you’re into.

The other lakes to check out are Big Lake in the White Mountains near Greer. Woods Canyon Lake in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest. Past Woods Canyon is Knoll Lake. Or stay closer to home and visit Saguaro Lake in Mesa. Most of these lakes open up during the warmer months only. So be sure to check them out online to find out more.

Lava River Cave
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If you, or your kids, are really into nature things, then Lava River Cave would be a great option. It is a mile-long lava tube cave that was formed about 700,000 years ago. It was formed by molten rock that erupted from a volcanic vent in Hart Prairie. The top, bottom and sides of the flow cooled and solidified first while lava continued to flow and emptying the cave. Dress appropriately with sturdy shoes and warm clothing. The cave can be as cool as 42 degrees - even in the summer! You may be lucky enough to even see ice! Bring a few flashlights or backup batteries. Even just a mile in it will be very dark. This is located just north of Flagstaff.

Snowflake, Arizona
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Right now, as I’m typing this, it is 101 at 7:30 PM in Glendale. In Snowflake, it’s only 83. That’s almost a 30-degree difference. Snowflake is located north of Show Low and under two hours southeast of Flagstaff. It’s about a 3 to 3.5-hour drive from downtown Phoenix. Snowflake is unlike any other Arizona town with green lawns, picket fences, and red brick homes. There are more than ten preserved Arizona homes and museums. There are a variety of things for the whole family to enjoy.

I’ve heard that once someone visits Snowflake, they don’t want to leave. So if after you visit, you find yourself wanting to stay, you can check out homes in Snowflake, Arizona.

So whatever adventure you're looking for this summer, you won't have to travel too far from home to find it!

Where are some of the place you're planning on visiting this summer? Are there any spots that you like in Arizona that are super secret?! I'd love to know!

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