Tuesday, June 28, 2016

My Inner Nerd... #BehindTheBlogger

My inner nerd isn't so "inner" LOL. You can ask my husband, I frequently show my inner nerd. She jumps out and shows herself often. Like when we found out about why Hodor only says Hodor, and then when he died. And when Wun Wun died, too. That inner nerd shows herself often.

What type of stuff am I into... Well, Twilight, Sci-Fi shows and movies on the Sy-fy channel like Face Off (that stuff is really cool), some of the other shows on it are great, too. I'm into supernatural, paranormal type shows on History Channel and Destination America - stuff like Ghost Adventures. I'm into random shows like Orphan Black on BBC, Obviously Game of Thrones. I'm sure there is so much more that I just can't think of. Marvel movies (though I never was a fan of the comics... but are the movies really nerdy? Probably not).

I have to say, I don't typically read the books of shows I like..... Well, let me think about that... I started reading the books True Blood was based off of after I got into the show. I did the same with Twilight.. And now doing it with Game of Thrones... Well OK. I guess I could have nixed this whole paragraph... LMAO.   But yea, I had heard of Game of Thrones and wasn't sure if it was something I'd like. But when we got DirecTv last August, I decided to go ahead and download all of the first 4 seasons and binge watched them in about a span of two weeks. Then waiting for this season to start was torture, and now that its over there's a whole 'nother year I have to wait! ugh. Also, I read online that there is MAX two seasons left in Game of Thrones, and that both of those seasons may be shorter than the typical 10 episodes.. Ugh. But anyways, I decided to go ahead and read the books that Game of Thrones is based on. To hopefully get more insight, see what twists and turns the books have that the TV show didn't, or vice versa. It's fun for me to read a series this way because I know what everyone looks like, and I can picture them, and the scene in my head. For me, that's more fun than being disappointed by what I envisioned when reading the book before the show.

(on another note, Orphan Black is only supposed to have one more season! Noooo!) SO

I really love looking at folks who cosplay. I can't even come close to making my own costume, but I think it's awesome. The amount of work that people put into their costumes is CRAZY! At one point there was a reality show on TV, I can't remember which channel, but it followed some cosplayers getting ready for Comicons, and then if they won in the contest they entered while there. It was pretty cool to watch the process.

There's one I follow on Instagram, and I REALLY love seeing her costumes, and she's funny, her name is itsrainingne0n on Instagram (that last 0 has to be a zero or you'll get someone else!). Crazy enough, I have never been to Comicon.... I really want to go. But it seems to sneak up on me each year! I'm hoping to pay attention and buy tickets to go next year!

What else makes me nerdy? Hmm... Does listening to old Mama's and the Papa's songs make me nerdy? No? Just weird? OK. I'll take that, too.

What's your inner nerd secrets?

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  1. They're saying about 13 more episodes of GOT too. I cannot even! Ugh!

    1. But I'm happy with how this season wrapped up. You sort of know what is coming even if you didn't read the books.. I just don't want it to ever end LOL. I want it to go on forever. lol


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