Saturday, June 25, 2016

Drinking Water: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly


Have you ever thought about what comes out of those taps? Should you really be drinking that water, or it could potentially be damaging your health? Today, we’re going to take a brief look at the good, the bad, and the ugly of drinking water.

The Good

To ensure that your drinking water is safe, you should be checking a local water safety report. That’ll tell you everything you need to know about whether the water is safe for consumption or not. Still, safe drinking water can come equipped with contaminants. Don’t underestimate the importance of water filter solutions. This will remove those impurities from the water, making it safe to drink for everyone. You still must maintain filtered water properly by changing the filters every now and again. Otherwise, bacteria can creep in and cause all sorts of health worries once more.

The Bad

While bottled water might seem like a great idea, it isn’t always the safest option. Contaminants can still be found in bottled water, no matter what brand you buy. Also, you can’t get accurate water reports about it, so you’re taking a risk in any case. It’s arguably better than drinking water straight out of the tap but filtered still wins this round. Don’t be fooled by some pieces of advice, either. For example, Fluoride can be good for an infant, but too much tap water that is infested with it is bad. There’s also a trend amongst people to use old water bottles again and again. This isn’t a good idea, as bacteria can easily grow. Instead, use a BPA-free bottle to carry water.

The Ugly

So, what happens if you suffer health effects from drinking contaminated water? There are a wide variety of symptoms that could experience based on the contaminants that are found. This includes generic symptoms like headaches and vomiting. There are also more dangerous effects like reproductive issues and lasting illnesses that can arise. To combat against this, you should never drink from the tap if there is a known issue with the water in your area. You’ll normally be informed about this ahead of time, but periodically check by yourself. You might just miss the memo, and you’ll get ill as a result.

What’s The Verdict?

We’re not here to try and scare you! Drinking water is perfectly fine to drink in 99% of cases, whether it’s from a tap or a bottle. It shouldn’t be something that has to play on your mind because it’s simply not that dangerous. You have to be aware that problems can arise, though. If you want to ensure maximum reliability, it’s always beneficial to filter that water. It’s the only way of ensuring that you won’t suffer from any adverse effects. As we mentioned, though, you must maintain that filtering system properly.

I bet you didn’t realize how complicated drinking water can be, right?! Make sure you’re drinking plenty of it on a daily basis and keep safe using the tips we’ve mentioned today.

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