Thursday, June 9, 2016

All About Celebrating the Milestones in Your Daughter's Life

It is so important to celebrate the milestones in your daughter’s life; whether they are big or small. They are the kind of things that you will look back on when you remember her growing up. They are things that she will look back on too. So you want her to have happy, fond memories of them. Life goes by too quickly sometimes so celebrating special occasions is important. Why not make the most of them?

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Depending on your lifestyle or religious choices, there may be a celebration when she is younger. There might be a baptism, christening or naming ceremony when she is a baby. This isn’t one of the things that she will go on to remember, but it is a good job we can capture photos of the day! They are all lovely family occasions, though, to celebrate the arrival of your baby. When she gets a little older, there may be the milestone of choosing first communion dresses ready for the event itself. This is another family celebration and the dress itself could become a bit of an heirloom and passed onto other generations in the family. A perfect way to mark the occasion.

Quite a lot of people think that around the ages of eleven and twelve are rather important. So for those birthdays, or even just randomly, it is worth bearing in mind all of the milestones that are coming up. You might not want to admit it at such a tender age, but your daughter is growing up. Think about how you could mark events such as getting her first proper bra or starting her period. She will be growing up fast, and it is important that she feels she can talk to you about these kinds of things. It shouldn’t be anything that she feels embarrassed or awkward about. There are things that would be suitable to get as gifts for her too. Perhaps her first makeup set or a razor to shave her legs with.


As your daughter gets even older, there are plenty of milestones and important dates. Sweet sixteen is a pretty big deal as she will be getting ready to get her driver’s permit. Then there will be first dates and dances at school. Prom is pretty much a big deal, and it should be something to celebrate and remember. Going to choose a prom dress should be something to celebrate together. Then the next big milestones will be things like graduating high school and then going on to college perhaps. So think about all the ways that you could celebrate these momentous occasions with her.

It doesn’t matter what you do to celebrate or mark the milestones. It just matters that you are doing something to celebrate or mark the occasion. Whatever ways you choose to celebrate, just remember that the ways you celebrate will be remembered by your daughter. It shows her how you feel about her but also teaches her the values that you have as a family.

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