Monday, June 6, 2016

A Gift Guide For The People In Your Life Who Have Everything

We all have them, those people that already have everything they need. So how do you get a gift for the people that have everything their hearts desire as soon as they want it? It's not easy, but check out some of the leftfield suggestions below. It could help you solve your dilemma.

Give Personalised

So one way to get a great present for the person in your life that has everything is to give something that is personalized. By providing a personalized gift, the recipient gets something that they can have as a keepsake, and you have shown that you've thought about them.

For your other half, why not try, a personalized print or picture for the home? An excellent example of these is a framed image of a recording of your voice. You can do this by recording a spoken message as a sound wave; then you send it to a specialized company, and they turn it into a decorative print. You could say “I love you,” “always together in my heart,” or your own personal message.  


Another great personalized art option for families is to get a graphic print of each member and pet.  These look so cute up on the wall and are personal, fun, and decorative.

If your recipient has a sense of humor, why not try a super fun gift, like one of this Likenessme custom bobbleheads? These are ideal for retirement or leaving presents as you get them personalized, with the person's job or favorite hobby. They are also just the right size to fit on someone's desk as a sweet reminder of their time in your employment.

For the writer or artist in your life, why not try a personalized journal or notebook. That way they can keep all of their important ideas in one place, and will be reminded of you when they use it. You can buy journals with hand bound covers and paper, to give the gift an exclusive feel.


Personalized jewelry is a great gift for moms, sisters and wives. It is a keepsake, and you can get an item that matches in with the receipt’s personal style. You can go for necklaces, earrings or bracelet. A great tip here is for mom’s gift is to include a stone, charm or name tag for each child they have. Then they have a precious gift that mirrors their beloved children. It's a great talking point with other moms too!

If you are looking for a jewelry gift for the man in your life, what about cufflinks or a dress watch? Cufflinks could be stamped with the map reference of where you first met. A watch can be engraved with a personal message on the back of the face. That means only the wearer knows it's there, and they can take your thoughts with them all day.

Give Homemade

A homemade gift is a great way of showing people that you care about them without spending a lot of money, but still keeping a personal. A quick and easy of doing this is putting together a gift basket, see my post here.

If you want your gift basket to be extra special, you can bake or make the items to go inside. Fudge, cookies or body scrubs always go down well. Or you could try one of these homemade lip balms.


Movie boxes are a clever idea too. Make them by adding you loved one’s favorite DVDs or a cinema voucher, some popcorn tubs, microwave popcorn, and their favorite candy. This is an awesome ready-made fun night!

Give Experience

For the person that has everything, why not give them an experience instead of an item?

As there are a lot of experiences to choose from, it's easy to find, and one that suits the person you're buying for and they budget that you have to spend.

For a more girly day, what about a spa weekend including treatments like manicures pedicures, and massages? Most spas also let you use their facilities like hot tubs, swimming pools, and saunas. Spa weekends often include luxurious meals for the guests. You can even choose to upgrade the room and add some extras to give it a super special touch.


For the Agatha Christie fans in your life what about a ride on the Orient Express? This European train is both historic and beautiful. You guests will get to appreciate amazing scenery while enjoying their fine dining option. You could even get them this book to go with it. A real favorite with crime thriller fans!

If you are looking for a more adrenaline fueled day, how about quad biking, Segway tours or abseiling? Combine speed and danger in any of these activities, and the person you are buying for will get to make memories that they can treasure forever.

Give A Donation

If you are still racking your brains on what to get that person in your life that has everything, what about a charitable donation? Most charities now offer the chance to make a donation in someone else's name.  Pick a charity that is close to their heart and this can be a thoughtful gift, to that keeps on giving. You are happy; your recipient is happy and the people that donation goes to are happy as well. What better way to keep the positive vibes going?

Give Fun and Wacky

If none of the previous suggestions are quite right, what about a crazy, fun, and wacky gift instead? It doesn't have to cost too much, and the novelty factor alone will definitely earn you some points. For TV and film enthusiasts how about something like Breaking Bad style candy or a Death Star ice cube tray? For the scientists, try plush bacteria or a mini dino dig. Not forgetting the foodies, what about a 'make your own' cheese kit or a 'brew your own' beer kit? Why not get both and have a party?

Whatever gift you go for, you can be confident that even if your loved ones seem to have everything, they probably haven't got one of these things! So you can go ahead and buy a unique, memorable and pleasing present!

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