Tuesday, May 31, 2016

5 Things All Dog Owners Need to Know

If you are the parent of a human baby, there are things that you learn along the way and come to know. If you are a parent of a fur baby, there are are things that you will come to learn too. Having a dog is a little bit like having a child, in terms of the care and responsibility that comes with it. If you are thinking of becoming a dog owner, then there are some things that you should remember. Like you do with an actual baby, you have to get to know the dog and learn it’s personality. It can’t express itself like a human, so you need to learn all about it.

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  1. A Dog is an Animal

This might sound a little ridiculous, but it is true. A lot of people get a pet dog and then think that they can just tell it what to do from the get-go. That is not the case! You need to understand that a dog is an animal and has evolved in a certain way. They have survived by having certain instincts and reactions. So to understand your pet, you need to have a little bit of understanding into a dog’s instinctive pack behavior.

2. Dogs Need Space to Roam

If you are thinking of getting a large dog, but you have a tiny apartment, it might not be the best option. They need space to roam and to explore. They will need daily walks so if there is green space nearby it would be beneficial. They don’t like to be confined, so gardens are great for a dog, if possible.

3. They Can Mean Large Vet Bills

Dogs, like humans, get sick and as a result, can lead to vets bills. So if you have a pet dog, getting some insurance for it is a great idea. You don’t want to be hit with a large vet bill after your dog accidentally gets sick. It is also a good idea to have some medicines in at home that you can administer to your dog when needed. Vetoryl for dogs helps with adrenal problems, and you can even get painkillers for them. You can get vitamins for dogs too; perfect for when they are feeling ill.

4. Dogs Require Training
Unlike the saying, you can teach an old dog new tricks. So if you are thinking of getting a rescue dog, you can train them in the way that you want to. If you are going to be getting a puppy, then you do need to think about every aspect of its life. It will need to be ‘potty’ trained, sleep trained and disciplined. It can happen quite smoothly. You just need to take your time and know that you will need to be patient.

5. You’ll Need to Poop Scoop

This is something that you just need to get over if you ever want to leave the house. Just hold your breath and get on with it. You’ll get used to it in no time!

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