Thursday, May 5, 2016

Steps to Raising Well Balanced Children

All parents want their children to be the best. We want them to be confident in themselves and happy in their skin. Being successful and brave are also great attributes we want our kids to have. We want them to be kind, honest and just a well-rounded person. It can be tricky to know what to do so that they can become the best person they can be.

Illness can feature in their life, including the likes of mental illness. Your child may develop learning disabilities so you may need to parent differently than you would have thought. Some kids put far too much pressure on themselves too. All of these things can lead to stresses and things not going as you had planned. You can still instill certain things in your children as they grow, though. Here are some important things that you should make sure to teach your children.



It is a great idea for children to develop hobbies and skills. It is great for them to build relationships too. Being able to make friends and talk to a variety of people will help them throughout their life. It will help them to learn to share and it will help them with confidence too. Friendships don’t always go to plan either, but it helps them to develop emotionally. They will fall out with friends and have disagreements but this will help to prepare them for relationships as they grow older.

Confidence in Themselves

When we think about attributes in people we admire, one is that they are confident. Being confident isn’t about being the most talkative or loud at a party, though. If we can teach our children to be confident in themselves, then we are onto a winner. If they are happy with who they are, they will be just that, happier. If they are content with their abilities, they will be better able to stretch themselves and learn more. A great way to make sure that we as parents teach them confidence is not to live through our children. Don’t make raising children all about you. If there were certain things that you wanted to be good at as a child, don’t force it on your children. They won’t feel confident or happy with who they are if the person isn’t genuine.


Develop Their Intellect and Curiosity

All children will be different, so it is important to make this relevant to the level that your child is at. Ways to develop their intellect is to ask them questions. Make them think about their response. Don’t just ask questions that have a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer. Allow them to tell you about their day by asking questions like ‘what made you happy today’? Include your children in conversations too. Don’t just respond to their questions with things like ‘because I said so’. This helps them to develop their curiosity and imagination if they can talk in conversations with you.

Are there any other strategies that you would add to the list?

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