Tuesday, May 31, 2016

How To Add Fun Touches To Your Decor

It can be all too easy to decorate your home so that it looks like it should appear in an interior design magazine. While there is nothing at all wrong with this, following the trends too closely can make it end up losing any uniqueness. If you want your rooms to have your personal look stamped all over them, then the last thing you want them to look like is something from the magazines! One way to create a unique decor that will have your personal touches all over it is to add some fun to it. How do you do that? Just follow these steps and you’ll create a fun, bespoke interior in no time at all.

Use Lots of Color

Color can help you create bright and vibrant rooms. There’s nothing more fun than a bold yellow wall or bright red sofa! And using lots of color allows you to be even more creative with your interiors. It doesn’t mean you have just to stick to colorful walls. Think about painting your rooms a neutral shade but then using bright furniture to add random bursts of color. That’s a great way of experimenting with different palettes if you aren’t feeling too brave about using a lot of color in your decor. You can even add smaller bursts of color if you want. Already have a neutral room? Why not buy pretty wall hangings and canvases in a range of colors to display on your walls.

Display Sentimental Items

Things like family photos and trinkets that celebrate your children’s milestones are a fun way to add a personal touch to your rooms. It’s super easy to display these kinds of things. All you have to do is buy some frames so you can hang your pictures on the walls. Did your children get any trinkets or ornaments for their christening or early birthdays? If so, display these in cabinets and on your mantlepiece. But there are also some really cool ways you can use sentimental items as well. You don’t have to stick to the boring usual ways! Did you know you can get your photos printed onto metal? That’s just one of the various ways you can add your photos to your interior in a fun and cool way.

Buy Some Funky Furniture

You can also have some fun with your furniture. There are now lots of contemporary designers who create items that are stylish and fun all at the same time. They can be excellent additions to your room if you want to create quite a trendy atmosphere. But just because they are hip doesn’t mean that they are uncomfortable! To add fun and comfort, opt for beanbags. Beanbags are especially great if you have small kids, as they will be less likely to hurt themselves on soft bean bags. Want to see the various types of beanbags available? Take a look at the online shop Fombag.

Incorporate Your Passion

We all have a beloved hobby and passion in our lives. Some people may be keen bookworms while others are trying to tick off as many countries from their bucket list as possible! Some of us might just prefer to kick back with some knitting or needlework. Whatever your preferred pastime, try to incorporate it into your home decor. It’s a fabulous way of adding some personal and fun touches. If you like getting crafty, have a go at making your very own cushion covers and blankets. The next time you snuggle up on the sofa, you can appreciate all your hard work that went into all the comfortable touches! If you have a travel bug, try to bring a small souvenir back from each destination you visit. You can then proudly display them in a cabinet or on a shelf in your living room. If you love books and films, think about buying some movie posters or vintage books to display. No matter what your hobby is, I’m sure you’ll find an inventive way to include it into your decorating!

Get Your Kids To Help Out

Kids love getting creative with pens and paints. Yours might have already created some colorful pictures for you to stick on the refrigerator door. Well, how about asking them if they want to create some art for the next time you decorate a room? I’m sure they’ll jump at the chance! Get them to paint or draw a picture. Then all you need to do is frame it and hang it on your wall. You could also get them to draw some smaller pictures so you can create a collage out of all their hard work. Just display them as you would your family pictures. You can also see about getting their images printed onto blankets and cushion covers. A lot of photo printing companies have started to specialize in this line of work nowadays.

Add Some Plants To Your Rooms

Bring the outside indoors and fill your rooms with fresh flowers and plants! Not only will they add some nice colors to your rooms, but they will also fill the air with a beautiful fragrance! And you don’t have to be worried if you aren’t too good a gardener. Many houseplants are suitable for novices. Worried you will forget to water them? Then buy some cacti or another plant that doesn’t need a lot of water. You can get your kids to help take care of the plants. They will love planting seeds and seeing them grow into large, leafy plants! One of the best things about plants is that they will change with the seasons. So they are a great way to create a different look inside your home depending on the season!

Hopefully, this blog post will have filled your mind with loads of cool ways to add touches to fun to your interior design. Even if you weren’t planning on decorating anytime soon, you might be inspired to do so! Have fun creating an awesome family home!

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