Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Say Cheese! Top Creative Ways To Preserve Your Photographs Forever

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The photographs we take represent our fondest memories and moments. They’re unique pictures that we can look back on fondly, at any time. But what if you want to get a bit more creative than a bog-standard photo frame? What if Facebook and Instagram aren’t special enough?

Fortunately, there are a ton of creative, funny ways to help preserve those special photos of ours. Rather than keeping them stored on your phone or in the cloud, make them a bit more memorable by using one of the following solutions. Say cheese!

A cartoon image

There are many online services that allow you to turn those pictures into a cartoony version. All you have to do is take that favourite selfie of yours, and in 5 seconds you’ll have a cartoon image of your face. You could even make one of these then use it as your social media profile picture!

A bobblehead doll

Photographs are ok, but they’re easily lost and can be torn or smudged. Even if you store them digitally, they can still be deleted, lost or can lose access. You might not always have an internet connection to view them, and if your phone breaks, it’s game over!

So, when thinking of photo preservation, look for something a little more tangible and real. A site like mbobble can offer you a custom bobblehead doll, an action figure that’s modelled after a photo of your choosing. Looking for a way to embarrass your brother on his birthday? Look no further! After a picture of your girlfriend to place on your office desk? Perhaps a more creative solution would make you look after that picture more!

A phone case

Cover your phone proudly! // Source

A lot of people carry their phone with them everywhere they go. In fact, over 80 percent of people can’t even spend a day without using the thing! It’s an astonishing figure but that means we can use it to get creative with our photos. Since so many people carry a mobile around, why not plaster your favourite picture over the back of your case?

You can do this in a couple of ways. You could either simply print the photo out in the same dimensions as the case, and stick it on. Or, you could order a ready-made phone case with your photo on the back. Just be sure that the case fits your device properly! Whether you’re buying for a man, woman or child, nearly everyone carries a phone with them, so it’s a safe bet.

A t-shirt

If you are doing a charity walk for a recently deceased friend, having a t-shirt with a photo on it is a great way to wear that person proudly. It’s a good way to help everyone on the walk come together in unison, showing their support and sporting their friend with pride. What’s more, you can use this t-shirt year after year, and can even frame it when it doesn’t fit you anymore.

Besides charity events, a photo t-shirt is a good way to preserve the memory of a stag do or a hen night. Most of these parties will use funny t-shirts featuring a picture of the bride/groom, and is a creative way to help you look back on the event fondly.

A DVD slideshow

Most modern methods of photo storage favor the younger generations over the older ones. Facebook, iPhones, flash drives and cloud storage are all well and good, but the grandparents may not be comfortable using these.

Placing your photos on a DVD would make a great gift for the grandparents at Christmas or a birthday. Combine it with a DVD case, and the disc can be placed safely on a DVD shelf and stored for years and years. Then, all it takes is to simply pop the disc in the player and the slideshow will begin! You can embarrass the whole family with baby pictures at the next gathering.

The great thing about disc preservation is that we’ll always be able to play DVDs. It’s a format that has been around for twenty years, and it will always be there for you and your family to store all those pictures in one place.

So, no matter your need, there is a photo preservation solution for you. It’s important we look after our most treasured memories, as these make us who we are. A picture can make a sad day happy again, and can keep us going through a hard time. Be sure to look after those memories, and they’ll look after you!

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