Thursday, April 7, 2016

Inspired Ways To Make Your Houseguest Feel Truly Welcome

When you have someone come to stay with you, it’s really important to make them feel welcome. After all, they’ve probably travelled quite some distance to reach your home. And they may be missing their creature comforts back at their place. When you choose to stay in someone’s home rather than a hotel, chances are you’re there to spend quality time with that person. So start the visit as you mean to go on.

Get the kettle on, fire up the coffee machine, and lay out some cakes for a refreshing tea. You can chat about the journey and even talk about some of the plans you have for the visit. Your houseguest may have brought some gifts or flowers for you. It’s quite polite to open those straightaway while you chat. That way you can share any chocolates or biscuits that may be inside!

Next, you can show your guest to the spare room. It’s traditional to place a towel bundle on the bed. Pop all the toiletries your guest may need on the shelf above the sink. You might include some fancy soaps, shower creams, and shampoos. A dispenser of hand lotion next to the hand basin can be a really nice touch too. After all, using a different water supply can dry the skin a little when you’re away from home.

Even if you normally have hobbies and interests that you do, it’s more polite to sit and spend time with your guest than leave them with the TV. You might prepare a couple of outings, or have some games or activities you can do together in the house. After all, your guest can watch TV in their own place. They’ve come to spend time with you! A nice meal out or a visit to a park can be a great way to spend some quality time together.

Cooking for your guest can be great fun while they are there. Your guest may even join in. Perhaps there is a special dish you can prepare that will remind them of home. If they have any special diet to consider, be sure you know the ins and outs of it before you get started. Set out your best cutlery and glassware at the dining table, and light a few candles. You can make the whole evening truly delightful in their honor.

When it is time to leave, you may have a parting gift for them. Alternatively, why not browse one of the flower delivery services from Camelback Flowershop for inspiration? A delivery of flowers for when your guest arrives at home can be just the thing to thank them for spending time with you. It lets them know you’ve enjoyed their company and that you hope you can do it again soon. Best of all, it’s a nice way for them to remember their little vacation with you.

Having a houseguest can mean extra work, and putting your regular activities on hold for a while. But it’s also the best way to spend quality time with dear friends and distant family members. Spoil your houseguest with these top tips.

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  1. These are all fantastic ideas!

    Since I love cooking that's one that I typically do anyways. I mean, who doesn't love a good home cooked meal. Especially BBQ - It never fails.

    Thanks for sharing.


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