Monday, April 18, 2016

Gifts For Party Girls

Do you have a friends birthday or special occasion coming up, and are a little bit stuck as to what to get her? Well, consider her personality. If she’s a bit of a party girl, how about something that celebrates this? After all, if partying is what she loves to do, why not?

Coffee Shop Voucher

What comes after a wild night out on the town for most girls? Sadly, a hangover… and a desperate need for coffee! Get your girlfriend a voucher or gift card for her favourite coffee shop, or the one nearest to her home or office. All the big name brands like Starbucks and Costa do them. Or, if she tends to go to a smaller one, nip in and ask if you can get one from them. Top it up with the exact amount for, say, five cappuccinos the way she likes them. That way she knows exactly how much use she can get out of the card. She’ll appreciate the gift when you give it here… and then again every time she needs to use it!

E-cigarette liquid
If your party girl has recently quit cigarettes, you’ll likely be pleased and relieved for her. Keep her away from them forever by ensuring her replacement e-cigarette is just as good, if not better. The industry is developing at a speedy rate and the flavours you can get now are vast. One of the best bits of smoking e-cigarettes is that you get to change up the flavour as often as you want. You could get her her favourite one, so she always have enough of it. But alternatively, you might want to find her something new, or unusual. Does she have a favourite snack? If so, see if you can find one in the same flavour. Brands such as Gourmet eLiquid have flavours like Blueberry Donut and Vanilla Custard; yum!

ID holder
Is your party girl of legal age but still looks quite young? Then make her experience of pulling out her ID all the time a little more fun! You can buy dedicated ID holders, but travel card holders work just as well. Get her a sparkly one to go with her going out outfits.  Or, go for a classy leather one and be sure it will stand the test of time. She won’t mind whipping it for the bouncers to check half as much!

Sparkling alcohol
If you’re organising a surprise party for your party girl, how about something that everyone attending can enjoy? Viniq cell shimmery liqueur is made with Vodka and Moscato. In the supermarket, you should be able to pick up some Smirnoff Gold, which has tiny gold flakes inside it. Or, if you want to give a gift that she’ll want to keep afterwards, how about a Crystal Head with a metallic, iridescent finish?

Anything glittery!
What party girl doesn’t like glitter? Add to her collection with something new. If she loves make-up, how about a glittery eyeshadow or lipgloss? If she works in an office, how about some stationery to jazz up her dress. Online websites like The Glitter Emporium specialise in all things sparkly.

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