Friday, April 8, 2016

Dear Childhood Me... {#BehindTheBlogger}

This is my entry for this weeks Behind The Blogger series. This week's topic, "Dear childhood me". I hope you enjoy this post, and you follow along to the others at the bottom of this post.  --- Thanks!

I'm sitting here, less than 24 hours before this is "due", and I'm not 100% sure what to write. There's like 100 different ways I can go with this. Do I let myself know about all the trials and tribulations that I'm going to experience? Do I warn myself of people to stay away from? Do I give myself lottery numbers for that one that was almost a billion recently?!

But would I want to change anything? If I change any of those experiences would I be ruining myself? Would I be who I am today if I had a crystal ball in the back in the day to tell me what not to do?

Have you ever thought of stuff like this? I always wonder if I didn't message him back, would I have my son? Would I have ended up with my husband? In sci-fi movies they say that something as small as stepping on a butterfly (how the hell do you do that?!) can alter everything. So if I hadn't met "him", would I be who I am today?

So, Dear Childhood Me.

Take every chance. Open every door. When one closes, the world will not end. When you think that the worst has happened, something worse will happen further down the road. But no matter what, you'll come out on top. You won't be rich, but you'll be comfortable. You'll be fine. You won't die. It won't happen the way you planned it out senior year, but it'll be an interesting journey filled with tons of lessons. Enough that you could write books about. You'll feel like the world is too heavy, you'll feel like you can't carry everything that you were given on your shouders, but trust me when I say you can do it. And you'll have an amazing person the whole way with you, and that wonderful man is willing to carry some of that with you. You'll go through some tough times with him, but nothing is ever going to be that bad, and you two will make it through.

So tell me... What would you say to the childhood you? What's a piece of advise that you'd give your younger self?

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  1. I definitely think it's super important to take every chance--it's way better in my opinion to try for something than to regret not ever trying!


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