Monday, April 25, 2016

Awesome Gift Ideas For Your Number 1 Guy

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If your significant other has a birthday coming up soon, you may already be thinking about a present. Buying for guys isn’t easy; you could spend hours racking your head trying to think of what to get. Guys aren’t as easy to please as us ladies, and they won’t be happy with just some flowers and chocolates! So, to make your shopping that little bit easier, here are my awesome gift ideas that any man will love!

Professional Knife Set

If you get a professional knife set, then maybe you’ll also be able to enjoy this great tool in the kitchen as well! This is a great idea if your partner thinks of himself as a bit of a culinary whizz. A professional knife set will have super-sharp blades. They’ll be suitable for cutting through any kinds of ingredients. Not only that, but each knife will be well-suited to a specific job. A meat cleaver will make it much easier to cut through cuts of meat while a paring knife will help you peel vegetables with ease!

Military Memorabilia

Most guys will have played soldiers at some point during their childhood. Help them relive these precious memories by gifting them some cool military memorabilia. Marine Corps Challenge Coins are a unique option, and you could also buy your man some old medals and badges. If he is totally into his army stuff, how about getting him a bespoke replica uniform!

Grooming Kit

If your man cares about his appearance, he’ll love opening a complete grooming kit on his birthday! The best thing about grooming kits is that you’ll find different ones to suit various budgets. If cash is a bit tight at the minute, stick to a simple one that just includes shaving foam, aftershave, and moisturizer. If you want to push the boat out, try and find a big set that also comes with beard and moustache products!

Tailored Suit

Does your man think of himself as a bit of a dapper dresser? Then why not give him some money to put towards a tailored suit! This is a better option than buying a regular suit off the highstreet, as it will be made to your partner’s exact measurements. He may even have to go into the tailors for specific measurements and fittings. You can get a suit to fit his own needs as well. If he is always in the office, he might want on that is comfortable as well as stylish. If he just wants a sharp suit for going out, he could get one that will turn the head of every fashionista!

Experience Day

Experience days are becoming a very popular gift. You basically buy your partner a day taking part in his dream activity. This can be anything including white-water rafting, learning to fly, and go-karting. It’s the perfect option if he is a bit of an adrenalin junkie or is still a big kid at heart!

You’ll definitely make his day with one of these gifts!

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