Tuesday, March 1, 2016

What Do My Kids Really Need?

There isn’t anything I wouldn’t give my kids if I could. They are the most important people in the world to me. Everything I do is with their future in mind. It’s not easy, especially on those tough days when they’re being difficult! But their lives are the one thing I nurture above everything else. I want them to be happy and successful in all they do, just like any parent would.

Like most families we have our problems and our ups and downs. I try my best to respond to those situations calmly and with as much clarity as I can muster. But like other families, I can’t help but point the finger of blame sometimes. Maybe it was the candies. Perhaps the school is failing to help enough. Was it something I did? I know it all goes with the territory of parenting, but that doesn’t make it any easier.

My son has a few problems that can make life at school for him quite tough at times. As my Bella approaches the age of more formal education I am starting to wonder what approach may be best. I know very successful Moms and families that have used homeschooling. And there are also some incredibly smart kids that used mainstream education. Private schools also come in all shapes and sizes with plenty of different approaches too. So which way is best?

Whether you want highly directed tutoring, or you’re looking for Montessori schools, there are lots of choices available. Sometimes I think Bella might be one of those kids that will be into everything. She’ll want to explore lots of different ways to do something before moving onto the next task. And then there are other times when it seems she needs quite a structured routine. Perhaps it’s just too early to tell.

One thing I do know that my kids will need throughout their childhood is my love and patience. Whether children need lots of direction and instruction, or they happily find their own way, they still need the support of their Momma. I think most confident kids have a Mom stood right behind them the whole way. Like most parents, I do my best to be there and engaged with them as much as possible. I like to think it helps the day run more smoothly for all of us.

Do love and learning go hand in hand? I think so. The more love I can give, the happier my children will be. And this, in turn, helps them feel confident and secure in the challenges they face at home and at school. Do I let them run wild and get into anything and everything? No. I still have to make sure the home is somewhere we can all live happily and safely! But I think a little more freedom to experiment and experience different things could be good, even if it does make a mess!

I love my kids, and I try really hard to show them that every day. Is love all they need? I’m not sure about that. I think their opportunities in education can also have a big part to play. What kind of schooling do you want for your kids?

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