Friday, March 11, 2016

Top 3 Ways To Get More Sleep At Night!

Getting to sleep at night can be quite difficult sometimes. Your mind likes to wander, and we start to think about what is going on in our life. And even if you are going to bed early, if you are not getting quality sleep, you are going to be exhausted the next day.

Sometimes there are things out of control that can upset our sleeping habits such as children waking up, loud noises and sickness. But here are a few things we can control to try and get our beauty sleep, so we are ready for the day ahead.

Try and clear your mind

It might sound easier than it is, but going to bed and not worrying is key to having a good night’s sleep. One tip is a nice warm bath, which will help to calm your body and your thoughts before going to bed. Another way to try and clear your mind is to read a book, but don’t choose anything too heavy for a bedtime read. You could also listen to soft music in your room, and concentrate on that rather than your own thoughts. There are some great playlists on Youtube to help you cure insomnia.

It is also wise to take some deep breaths in bed which will help you unwind and relax your body. Here we talk about more tips you can take to help relax and unwind during the day, which will lead to a peaceful nights sleep.

Upgrade your bedroom

Your bedroom may be upsetting your sleeping pattern, and some simple changes could mean a few hours more kip. The temperature is very important. If the room is too cold or too hot, it could mean you are moving around in the night, and won’t be getting enough satisfactory sleep.

The actual bed you sleep in can also affect your sleep. If your pillows aren’t up to scratch, it might be time to replace them, otherwise, you could be waking up in the night with an aching back.

Similarly, if your mattress affects your sleep, it would be good to replace it with a more comfortable one that supports your back. It’s worth researching the different mattress types to see which one would suit you. There are many different ones available, including Organic ones from sites such as

Don’t eat or drink late

Heavy eating at night can cause bad dreams, which will mean a lack of quality sleep. We know that things crop up which mean eating dinner has to be at a later time, but if possible, you should try and eat earlier in the evening.

And it’s not just food that can cause terrible sleep. Drinking alcohol just before bed can lead to bad sleep while too much caffeine will lead you to be wide awake at night. And if you are drinking too much, you will be going to the toilet in the night, which will lead to a shortened amount of sleep.

There are some further tips on here about getting more shut-eye at night. Hopefully, once you do, you can feel more proactive and happy in the day.

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