Monday, March 7, 2016

Simple Ways to Relax and Unwind


Sometimes it seems as though everyone is a rush. We rush around the house in the morning, getting ready to go to work. Then we rush to get the bus or the train and sit or stand in a crowded carriage. When we get to work we have emails and meetings, and we rarely get a chance to enjoy a proper lunch break. After work, we’re rushing to pick the kids up and then there is housework to do and meals to make. We get up the next day and do it all over again. When does it all stop?

Taking time out and relaxing is important for so many reasons, not least because too much stress can have a damaging effect on your health. But in an age of too much to do in too little time, how do we make this happen?

Simple Things

Start with simple things. When you come home from work don’t go straight to the kitchen to start preparing dinner. Take twenty minutes to pour yourself a good cup of coffee and sit quietly. You could listen to the radio or leaf through a magazine. The important thing is that you’re sitting still and taking some time for yourself. Make sure that coffee is a good one by adhering to these coffee machine descaling tips.

Listen to Music


Listening to music can lift your mood instantly. No matter where you are it can transport you back to a happy time in your life. It can also help you to unwind. Playing music in your car when you’re stuck in traffic can make you feel calmer and more relaxed. The same is true for public transport. And it doesn’t have to be music. Try downloading a few podcasts onto your phone to make the morning commute more interesting. You will forget the crowding and lack of seats in no time. Research also shows that music has many health benefits.

Ask For Help

There’s a tendency to think that we need to do everything ourselves. But it’s okay to ask for help. If you’re going through a particularly busy time, then you can turn to trusted family and friends for help. This may be helping with the school run or even helping around the house. We all need help sometimes and there’s no shame in that. Make sure you repay the favor.

Yoga and Meditation

Mind and body practices such as yoga and meditation help you to reduce stress and unwind. They help you focus your breathing and clear your mind. They also offer a wealth of other health benefits such as reducing anxiety and preventing illnesses.

Life is busy and the thought of finding space in the day for yourself can feel impossible. But making that time will benefit you in so many ways. We can’t continue to work at full pelt without taking a break. And if we do, not only is this counterproductive, it can be damaging to our health. So set aside some time and find the activity that works for you. It will help you to become more productive. But most importantly it will help you feel happier and healthier.

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