Thursday, March 10, 2016

Essential Gadget Gifts For Your Guy

If you’re on the lookout for a great gift for your guy, then head to the gadget stores. Lots of us use electronic devices and gadgets for everyday tasks. Men are no exception. In fact, there is a long list of gizmos and gadgets that men would love to have and that men have to have. So what will make the best gift for your fella? Check out this list of must-have gadgets that also happen to make best-loved gifts:

Electric Shaver
Chances are your man uses a shaver of some description already. Even those guys that keep a beard need to use a shaver for those awkward areas that need shaping. You could find out which is the best budget electric shaver this year and wrap it up ready for a birthday or Christmas gift. There are plenty of choices. You should pick one that you can trust to look after your man’s delicate skin. And if he does have a beard, chances are he could do with a great electric beard trimmer too.

Fitness Watch
If your fella keeps talking about heading out for a run or hiking up that mountain, now could be the time to get him a great fitness watch. Many of the latest models come with GPS tracking. This means he can track his exact route as he travels. Some offer maps so you can pick out different paths, or find a popular running route to try. Some watches, like the Apple Watch, don’t offer this facility without being close to a paired smartphone. It’s best to check the features match your man’s needs before you head to the till.

Of course, you could always buy him a new smartphone! New models out this year include far more security and functionality than ever before. Some of the key features you might be looking out for could include easy Bluetooth pairing to your car audio system and fitness watch. You should also check if the memory can be expanded so you can store lots of music and photos on there. Bigger screens are better this year. And if your phone can easily connect to your TV, you can enjoy all the functions on a supersized screen!

Wireless Earphones
For all those fellas that love working out, wireless earbuds are essential. All those cables connected to your iPod or phone can cause injury and hazards. With Bluetooth connectivity, it’s easy to pop in your ears and run. If you’re shopping for a set of earbuds for the gentleman in your life, look for easy connectivity. Some come with a built-in microphone so they can still take and make phone calls with their earbuds in. Finally, check there are additional sizes for the buds and ear clips in the pack. One size does not fit all!

For all those guys looking to live a healthier lifestyle, a juicer would be a perfect gift. You can simply put all your favorite fruits and vegetables in. Then enjoy a gorgeous juice knowing you’ve had your recommended five a day. They come in all shapes and sizes. Small ones can produce small amounts of juice from carefully prepared fruit and veg. They are designed to be taken into work or moved around. Some are even battery powered. A heavy duty blender is best to be able to take the widest variety of fresh produce. You can even make nut butter.

Digital Camera
While the cameras on our smartphones are pretty good, they’re not always practical. For the keen photographer, a separate device with great connectivity is essential. For the more active chaps out there, you might even consider an action camera like a GoPro. They are small and easy to mount on helmets, skateboards, musical instruments and more. The footage can even be streamed live to a smartphone or tablet. Some apps will even allow instant upload to YouTube so all the action can be immediately shared.

Very few people use desktop computers away from the office. The laptop has been a popular choice for home computing for ages. But tablets are now more functional than ever. With a Bluetooth keyboard, they can be nearly as useful as a full computer. Most are used for entertainment, checking emails, FaceBook and YouTube. They come in different sizes and cost from just a few bucks up to a thousand. Some are designed for streaming videos like TV shows and movies. Amazon Fire is one of the best for this. For the best range of apps and great internet browsing, you might go for an iPad.

If you’re shopping for gadgets for your guy, why not try one of these great ideas? After all, there aren’t many guys out there that don’t love gadgets! Happy shopping.

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